Hong Kong Disneyland – “it’s a small world” 香港迪士尼樂園 – “小小世界”

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Cast off on a whimsical boat ride past a joyful congregation of singing children from around the globe.


Sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a musical boat tour hosted by the children of the world. Climb aboard a cozy boat and set sail along the Seven Seaways canal for an approximate 9-minute journey.

Amid a vibrant backdrop exquisitely crafted out of papier-mâché, glitter and fabric, behold a cast of almost 300 traditionally dressed, dimple darlings from nearly every corner of the globe sing a simple song in their native language about universal harmony and dance. Travel to all 7 continents and, by journey’s end, see for yourself that it truly is a small world after all.

在由世界兒童舉辦的音樂遊船之旅中,與世界和平的經典國歌一起唱歌。 登上一艘舒適的船,沿著Seven Seaways運河航行約9分鐘。

在充滿活力的背景下,用紙塑,閃光和麵料精心打造,看到來自全球幾乎每個角落的近300名傳統服飾的酒窩愛好者,用他們的母語唱一首關於普遍和諧和舞蹈的簡單歌曲。 前往所有7大洲,在旅程結束時,親眼看看它畢竟是一個小世界。

Written and composed by an Academy Award®-winning team of brothers, the song ‘it’s a small world’ is a timeless classic.

Composers Richard and Robert Sherman came to the conclusion that a single musical theme was the way to bring the song and attraction together, thus reinforcing the larger message of cultural unity and harmony. As you navigate the Seven Seaways, “it’s a small world” is lovingly sung by the children in their native languages—including English, Cantonese, Putonghua, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

The Story Behind the Song
Originally, Walt Disney envisioned the world’s children singing the national anthem from each country they represented. But he quickly discovered that everyone singing a different tune resulted in a musical cacophony. Walt asked the Sherman brothers, who were hard at work on Mary Poppins, to create a singular song that could be sung by all of the children in their own language. The result was “it’s a small world”—one of the most well-known songs of all time.

The Cantonese lyrics for “it’s a small world” were written by legendary Chinese lyricist James Wong more than 30 years ago; today, they are still lovingly sung by kids and adults throughout China and Hong Kong.


作曲家理查德和羅伯特謝爾曼得出的結論是,單一的音樂主題是將歌曲和吸引力結合在一起的方式,從而強化了文化統一與和諧的更大信息。當您在Seven Seaways航行時,“這是一個小世界”被孩子們用他們的母語精心演唱 – 包括英語,粵語,普通話,他加祿語,韓語,日語,意大利語,西班牙語和瑞典語。

最初,沃爾特迪斯尼設想世界上的孩子們從他們所代表的每個國家唱國歌。但他很快發現每個人都在演唱不同的曲調,導致音樂劇的雜音。沃爾特要求在瑪麗·波普斯(Mary Poppins)努力工作的謝爾曼兄弟創作一首可以由所有孩子用他們自己的語言演唱的單曲。結果是“這是一個小世界” – 有史以來最著名的歌曲之一。


FROM:[4K] It’s A Small World : Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Hong Kong Disneyland – It’s a Small World (Full Ride) 03/12/2015


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