The tower, clad by Rieder, is named Solstice on the Park due to the distinctive angular forms cut from its south, park-facing facade.

The form of the building has been designed using sun diagrams. At the solstice, when the sun is at its highest point, it hits the building at 72 degrees – and the indents lean at the same angle.


建築的形式使用太陽圖設計。 在冬至,當太陽處於最高點時,它以72度撞擊建築物 – 並且凹痕以相同的角度傾斜。

This angling is designed to prevent heat flooding into the apartments and therefore reduce the energy levels required to cool the space.

These angled panels also creates solar advantage during winter months, allowing the low-level sunlight to penetrate far into the space.



In total the 26-storey building in Hyde Park is covered in over 4,000 square metres of dark grey and beige-coloured panelling, which has been placed to highlight the tower’s structure.

Dark grey panels reflect the internal “muscular” concrete structure, while the light-beige cladding mirrors the materials of the surrounding buildings. This beige colour is also designed to complement the wooden finishes inside the apartments.


深灰色鑲板反映了內部“肌肉”混凝土結構,而淺米色外層則反映了周圍建築的材料。 這款米色的設計也是為了配合公寓內的木質飾面。

The concrete panels designed by Rieder aim to show how climate-friendly construction can be integrated into high-rise buildings. The tiles, each 13-millimetre thin, are made from non-combustible glass fibre reinforced concrete.

Rieder’s contribution to Solstice on the Park is an example of the brand’s company philosophy, which is to “consistently viewing innovation, sustainability and design as one entity”.

Rieder設計的混凝土面板旨在展示如何將氣候友好型建築融入高層建築。 每塊13毫米厚的瓷磚由不燃的玻璃纖維增強混凝土製成。

Rieder對Solstice on the Park的貢獻是該品牌公司理念的一個例子,即“始終將創新,可持續性和設計視為一個整體”。

Rieder hopes that with these colour variations and placements, the facade cladding will anchor the building in the surrounding municipal area.

“This concept of relationship creation as the moving force for design is not only true for Solstice on the Park with regard to solar energetic advantages,” explained the company.


“這種關係創造的概念作為設計的動力不僅適用於Solstice on the Park在太陽能方面的優勢,”該公司解釋說。

“The incline makes the tree crowns appear even closer and larger and provides a maximum view thanks to enlarged glass surfaces,” the brand continued.

In addition to feeling closer to the natural landscape of the city, residents living in south-facing apartments are able to enjoy views facing the Museum of Science, Jackson Park and the lake, all against the backdrop of the skyline.





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