Architect Andrew Bromberg at Aedas has revealed the design for an extension to the home of Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Canada, featuring rounded glass walls, a slatted stone roof and an elevated garden.

Aedas的建築師安德魯·布隆伯格(Andrew Bromberg)透露了加拿大埃德蒙頓交響樂團家居擴建的設計,包括圓形玻璃牆,板條石屋頂和高架花園。

Andrew Bromberg at international architecture firm Aedas designed the renovation for the home of the orchestra called Winspear Centre for Music, located in downtown Edmonton.

國際建築公司Aedas的Andrew Bromberg為位於埃德蒙頓市中心的Winspear音樂中心管弦樂隊的家庭設計了裝修。

The project will add a 30-metre high addition to house amenities and new spaces next to the existing cultural hub, which was built in 1997.

Bromberg’s design will measure 4,500 square metres and comprise three storeys complete with underground parking. It will feature a rectangular base and a glazed, square portion on top that meets with an elevated garden.


Bromberg的設計面積為4500平方米,包括三層樓,地下停車場。 它將採用矩形底座和頂部的玻璃方形部分,與高架花園相遇。

A slatted roof will project outwards from the glass-enclosed main atrium, which features operable glass walls that open to the elevated gardens. The roof’s overhang will be used to shade the garden and naturally cool the foyer inside.

Another portion of the roof extends down to street level.

板條屋頂將從玻璃封閉的主中庭向外突出,主中庭設有可操作的玻璃牆,可通向高架花園。 屋頂的懸垂將用於遮蔽花園並自然冷卻內部的門廳。


The building will expand Edmonton’s music offerings to include a new, 550-seat music venue called the “Music Box”. The theatre will be on the second floor, and comprise a dark room with automated retractable seating.

該建築將擴展埃德蒙頓的音樂產品,包括一個名為“音樂盒”的新的550座音樂場地。 劇院將位於二樓,包括一個帶自動伸縮式座椅的黑暗房間。

A childcare centre, music library and additional rooms for the concert hall, along with parking, will also be located at ground level.

Access to the existing Winspear building, which includes a 1,932-seater music hall, will be provided via a pathway on the first floor of the new structure. Areas for coat check, a bar, restrooms, lockers and offices for administration will also be located on this level.


可通過新結構一樓的通道進入現有的Winspear大樓,其中包括一個1,932個座位的音樂廳。 外套檢查區域,酒吧,洗手間,儲物櫃和管理辦公室也將位於此級別。

Bromberg designed the Winspear Project to make the most of local materials. The roof will be made from local stone, while walls inside the theatre will be constructed with local timber.

Bromberg設計了Winspear項目,以充分利用當地的材料。 屋頂將採用當地石材製成,而劇院內的牆壁將採用當地木材建造。

Pale pillars will fill the airy atrium, as well as an elevated walkway that leads to the “Music Box”. Renderings white walls and curvilinear floors that are a combination of pale stone and wood.

蒼白的柱子將填滿通風的中庭,以及通往“音樂盒”的高架走道。 渲染白色牆壁和曲線地板,是蒼白的石頭和木材的組合。

Canada’s government has contributed $48.6 million CAD (£29.9 million) to the project, while several million dollars are expected to be fundraised to meet the proposed cost of $65.5-million CAD (£39.9 million).


The building is expected to complete in 2022, as part the 25th anniversary of Edmonton’s Winspear Centre for Music.


Bromberg designed the project on behalf of Aedas, one of the world’s largest architecture practices. The firm has designed several projects in China, including a skyscraper in Shanghai and an apartment building in Hong Kong.

In 2014, Aedas split its business into two to focus on “high-rise, high-density” projects, with its 13 offices in Asia, the US and Middle East under the Aedas brand, while its outposts in the UK, Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan relaunched under AHR.

Bromberg代表Aedas設計了這個項目,Aedas是世界上最大的建築實踐之一。 該公司在中國設計了多個項目,包括上海的摩天大樓和香港的公寓樓。

2014年,Aedas將其業務分為兩個部門,專注於“高層,高密度”項目,其在亞洲,美國和中東的13個辦事處屬於Aedas品牌,而其在英國,俄羅斯,波蘭的前哨基地 和哈薩克斯坦在AHR下重新啟動。

Other projects by Bromberg at Aedas are a jagged, plant-covered train station in Hong Kong, a Beijing shopping centre designed to be topped with fake snow, Singapore’s performing arts centre The Star and Nanfung complex in Guangzhou, China.
Renderings are by Aedas.

Bromberg在Aedas的其他項目是位於香港的鋸齒狀的工廠覆蓋的火車站,北京購物中心設計的假雪,新加坡的表演藝術中心The Star和Nanfung complex位於中國廣州。

Client: The Francis Winspear Centre for Music
Design architect: Andrew Bromberg at Aedas
Executive architect: Stantec
Structural engineer: Stantec
Mechanical engineer: Arrow Engineering
Electrical engineer: ECCOM consulting Inc
Civil engineer: Invistec Consulting Ltd
Acoustical consultant: Arup
Theatre consultant: Arup
Landscape: Design North Landscape Architecture Inc

客戶:Francis Winspear音樂中心
設計建築師:Aedas的Andrew Bromberg
機械工程師:Arrow Engineering
土木工程師:Invistec Consulting Ltd.



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