Hong Kong Disneyland – Slinky Dog Spin 香港迪士尼樂園 – 轉轉彈弓狗

[ Loction ]
Toy Story Land
[ Guests Can Be ]
Any Height
[ Age Interest ]
All Ages
[ Thrill Type ]
Small Drops, Spinning

[ 地點 ]

Ride atop Slinky Dog from the Disney•Pixar Toy Story movies as he chases his tail around a giant food bowl.

在迪士尼•皮克斯玩具總動員電影中騎著Slinky Dog,他圍著一個巨大的食物碗追逐他的尾巴。

Spring into action for a fun-filled spin in the heart of Toy Story Land.

Andy, the boy from the Disney•Pixar Toy Story films, was having fun with his good old pal Slinky Dog, the pooch with a Slinky® spring for a body. Even though Andy’s now away, Slinky Dog still wants to play—he just loves to run around in circles chasing his own tail.

Join the Tail Spin!
Stroll past oversized Lincoln Logs and Woody’s Roundup playing cards and make your way inside a colorful board game box. Receive a temporary “Barking Pass” and then—when the signal is given by Mr. Potato Head, Rex and Hamm from a speaker overhead—climb aboard an eager Slinky Dog and prepare for your rollicking ride.

Take off around a giant dog bowl filled with colorful chew toys as Slinky Dog barks excitedly, eagerly trying to catch up to his own tail. Scamper up and glide down—again and again—as you follow a ring-shaped path, the wind racing across your face during the wild chase. Hold on tight and howl with laughter as Slinky Dog picks up speed during your rousing ride, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Toy Story Land as they whiz by in the not-too-far-off distance.

Offering tons of doggone fun, Slinky Dog Spin is sure to keep everybody’s tail wagging with delight!!

在玩具總動員樂園(Toy Story Land)的心臟地帶開啟充滿樂趣的旋轉。

來自迪斯尼•皮克斯玩具總動員電影的男孩安迪和他的好朋友Slinky Dog一起玩耍,這是一個帶有Slinky®彈簧的小狗。即使Andy現在離開了,Slinky Dog仍然想要玩 – 他只是喜歡​​在追逐自己的尾巴的圈子裡跑來跑去。

漫步超大的林肯日誌和伍迪的綜合撲克牌,並在一個色彩繽紛的棋盤遊戲盒中暢遊。收到一個臨時的“咆哮通行證”,然後 – 當Potato Head,Rex和Hamm先生從一個熱情的Slinky Dog上的揚聲器頂部攀爬時發出信號,並準備好你的歡快騎行。

在一個裝滿五顏六色的咀嚼玩具的巨型狗碗周圍起飛,因為Slinky Dog興奮地吠叫,急切地想要趕上他自己的尾巴。隨著一條環狀路徑的奔跑,一邊又一次地向下滑行,在狂野的追逐中風吹過你的臉。隨著Slinky Dog在你的激動騎行中加快速度,保持緊張和嚎叫,享受玩具總動員樂園的景象和聲音,因為他們在不太遙遠的距離嗖嗖嗖嗖。

Slinky Dog Spin提供大量的狗狗樂趣,一定會讓每個人的尾巴搖擺不定!

FROM:[4K] Slinky Dog Spin : Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Slinky Dog Spin @ Toy Story Land, Hong Kong Disneyland


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