Hong Kong Disneyland – Barrel of Fun 香港迪士尼樂園 – 歡樂桶

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Toy Story Land
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Any Height
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All Ages

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Meet and greet some of your favorite toys from the Toy Story movies at this bright blue barrel in Toy Story Land.

在Toy Story Land的這個明亮的藍色桶中,與玩具總動員電影中的一些您最喜歡的玩具相遇。

Spend time with Woody and Jessie at this whimsical open-air picture spot.

Have your camera ready! Some of Disney•Pixar’s most beloved Toy Story Characters are stopping by to spend time with you inside a barrel of monkeys. Tip your hat and mosey on over for a handshake and a laugh with sheriff Woody, and receive warm hugs and one-of-a-kind autographs from rough-and-tumble cowgirl Jessie. It’s something the whole family is sure to remember!

Please note scheduled appearances are subject to change without notice.


讓你的相機準備好了! 一些迪士尼•皮克斯最受歡迎的玩具總動員角色正在停留在一桶猴子裡與你共度時光。 提起你的帽子和mosey,與警長Woody握手和笑,並從粗獷的女牛仔Jessie那裡獲得溫暖的擁抱和獨一無二的親筆簽名。 這是整個家庭肯定記得的東西!


FROM:The Making Of Toy Story Land at Hong Kong Disneyland Walt Disney Imagineering


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