Shanghai Disneyland-Gardens of Imagination 上海迪士尼樂園 – 想像力花園

When the wonderful imagination meets the garden of flowers and leaves, it is intertwined into a wonderful story melody. In the whimsical garden of Shanghai Disneyland, this theme park with garden design can find joy, leisure, and small but real happiness here.



Carousel in memory 記憶中的旋轉木馬

Accompanied by the beautiful melody in “Fantasia”, riding a colorful fantasies carousel, round and round, feeling the whole world is colorful. Children, can’t wait to find a beloved colored wooden horse, riding it to rotate; after you grow up, do you remember your child’s embarrassment and expectation of fairy tales?



The little fly in the heart 心中的那隻小飛象

Stroll through the garden and meet the little flying elephant with big ears. You can also follow his dreams like him, find the inner strength and fly with him to the sky.



A lifetime of unforgettable float parade 一生難忘的花車巡遊

The magic locomotive slowly came, and Mickey, Minnie and a large group of Disney friends began to parade the paradise.


The float came, like opening a moving storybook with unlimited imagination.
Meet up with friends in the story at close range. Such a beautiful, just think about it is so happy and satisfied.



The mystery of the zodiac 恍然大悟的生肖之謎.

You may not know the dragon, your own zodiac partner turned out to be the wooden dragon in “Mulan”?


Come to the Twelve Friends Park, find your own zodiac partners, and take a group photo together.


FROM:Gardens of Imagination overview at Shanghai Disneyland

FROM:Gardens of Imagination preview at Shanghai Disneyland


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