Shanghai Disneyland-Dumbo the Flying Elephant 上海迪士尼樂園 – 小飛象

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Gardens of Imagination
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Fly the fantastical skies with Dumbo, the spectacular new superstar at Gardens of Imagination!

與幻想花園(Dream of Imagination)壯觀的新超級巨星鄧博(Dumbo)一起飛翔在夢幻般的天空中!

Kiss the clouds as the big top’s most prized pachyderm whisks you off on a journey of magical magnitude.

Climb aboard Dumbo’s delightful caravan for high-flying fun you’ll never forget! Resplendent with festive flags, posters and pennants, the surrounding grounds are drenched in color and bursting with blooms.

Toe-tapping circus tunes keep spirits soaring while Timothy Q. Mouse orchestrates the action from atop a hot air balloon—magic feather in hand. Three rings may not be able to hold Dumbo and pals, but these skies seem just the right size!


登上Dumbo的令人愉快的大篷車,享受高飛的樂趣,你永遠不會忘記! 周圍的場地擁有喜慶的旗幟,海報和三角旗,色彩繽紛,綻放著鮮花。

當蒂莫西Q.老鼠在熱氣球 – 手上的魔法羽毛上協調行動時,腳趾敲擊馬戲團的曲調讓精神飆升。 三個戒指可能無法容納Dumbo和好朋友,但這些天空看起來恰到好處!

Step right up to the greatest show on Earth as one of Disney’s most loved Characters brings circus-style magic to life.

Popular with kids of all ages, Dumbo the Flying Elephant made its Disneyland debut in 1955 and was originally sketched as a literal interpretation of the “Pink Elephants on Parade” scene from Disney’s 1941 animated film. The ride was later redesigned to feature Dumbo and Company colorfully dressed in full circus regalia, ready for take-off.

Since then, it’s remained a classic attraction in Disney Parks around the world. However, this is the first time in history that Dumbo has been featured outside of Fantasyland—definitely an addition that carries a lot of “weight” at the Gardens of Imagination!


受到各年齡段孩子的歡迎,Dumbo the Flying Elephant於1955年在迪士尼樂園首次亮相,最初是作為迪士尼1941年動畫電影中“粉紅大象遊行”場景的字面解釋而勾畫出來的。 後來重新設計了Dumbo和公司,他們穿著整齊的馬戲團標誌,準備起飛。

從那以後,它仍然是世界各地迪士尼樂園的經典景點。 然而,這是歷史上第一次Dumbo在幻想世界之外出現 – 絕對是一個在想像力花園中帶來很多“重量”的補充!

FROM:[4K] Dumbo the Flying Elephant : Shanghai Disneyland

FROM:Shanghai Disneyland Dumbo the Flying Elephant 上海迪士尼乐园 小飞象


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