Shanghai Disneyland-Storybook Court 上海迪士尼-迎賓閣

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Enjoy a dazzling encounter in Storybook Court as you’re greeted by Disney Royalty. Disney Princesses elegantly welcome one and all into a “happily ever after” filled with family, friends and fun—and that includes you!

迪士尼皇室迎接您,在Storybook Court享受令人眼花繚亂的邂逅。 迪士尼公主優雅地歡迎一個人和所有人進入“幸福永遠”,充滿了家庭,朋友和樂趣 – 包括你!

Enter the castle at Storybook Court—and you might receive a royal greeting you’ll never forget!

Just inside the castle walls, several beloved Disney Princesses appear from time to time—including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle and Snow White. If you encounter a Disney Princess, pose for a picture with her… and show your friends and family who you were hobnobbing with at Shanghai Disneyland!

在Storybook Court進入城堡 – 你可能會收到一個你永遠不會忘記的王室問候!

就在城堡的牆壁內,不時出現幾個心愛的迪士尼公主 – 包括灰姑娘,長發公主,百麗和白雪公主。 如果你遇到迪斯尼公主,可以和她一起拍照…然後向你的朋友和家人展示你在上海迪士尼樂園的活動!

FROM:Inside Shanghai Disneyland’s Enchanted Storybook Castle

FROM:Exterior and interior of Enchanted Storybook Castle at Shanghai Disneyland


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