Shanghai Disneyland-“Once Upon a Time” Adventure 上海迪士尼樂園-漫遊童話時光

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Step through the Magic Mirror portal and enter an enchanted dimension of wonder: Snow White’s fairy-tale world.


Experience this classic tale like never before—as fun, adventure and excitement unfold all around you.

The Enchanted Storybook summons you. The Magic Mirror welcomes you. Now step inside Snow White’s world of fantasy to become part of a story others have only seen or read.

Marvel as a magical forest seems to grow around you. Talk and interact with animated creatures and help them tidy the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. Wave goodbye as the Dwarfs head off to work. Confront the Evil Queen as she plots her wicked scheme.

While the action of the story plays out, you become part of the fun, villainy and romance. And when this exciting tale finally ends “happily ever after,” it’s sure to live on as an experience you’ll never forget!

體驗這個前所未有的經典故事 – 隨著周圍的樂趣,冒險和興奮展開。

魔法故事書召喚你。 魔鏡歡迎你。 現在進入白雪公主的幻想世界,成為其他人只看過或讀過的故事的一部分。

驚嘆於一片神奇的森林似乎在你周圍成長。 與動畫生物交談並互動,幫助他們整理七個小矮人的小屋。 當矮人們開始工作時揮手道別。 在描繪邪惡的計劃時,面對邪惡的女王。

當故事的動作發揮出來時,你就成了樂趣,惡習和浪漫的一部分。 當這個激動人心的故事終於“幸福地永遠地結束”時,它肯定會以你永遠不會忘記的經歷而存在!

In the place where Disney Princesses celebrate their stories, be part of a fairy tale come to life! Come see why the one-of-a-kind magic of Enchanted Storybook Castle makes it the perfect setting for “Once Upon a Time” Adventure.

Within its confines, make your way past the incredible mosaics in the Grand Rotunda and beneath a dazzling chandelier in the vaulted Great Hall. Overhead, our storybook Princesses are represented with regal banners.

Then, enter the chamber where the Enchanted Storybook summons you to be part of Snow White’s adventure. A trail of pixie dust leads you up a spiral staircase to a great room lined with columns.

Here, you’ll find the Magic Mirror. Call upon the spirit of the Mirror, and it will beckon you inside—through a portal to the fairy-tale world.

Interacting with the characters and story of a legendary tale? It’s magic that could only become real inside Enchanted Storybook Castle.

在迪士尼公主慶祝他們的故事的地方,成為一個童話故事的一部分來生活! 快來看看為什麼魔法故事書城堡獨一無二的魔力使它成為“黃飛鴻”冒險的完美場所。

在它的範圍內,您可以穿過Grand Rotunda的令人難以置信的馬賽克,並在拱形大廳內的一個耀眼的枝形吊燈下面。 開銷,我們的故事書公主用豪華橫幅代表。

然後,進入魔法故事書召喚你成為白雪公主冒險一部分的房間。 小精靈塵埃的踪跡將您帶到一個螺旋樓梯到一個排列著柱子的大房間。

在這裡,你會找到魔鏡。 呼喚鏡子的精神,它將通過一個通往童話世界的門戶向你內心召喚。

與傳奇故事的角色和故事互動? 魔法只能在魔法故事書城堡中成為現實。

The original Disney Princess premiered in Walt Disney’s Animated Classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

As innovative as it was imaginative, Snow White wasn’t just Walt Disney’s first full-length animated feature film; it was the first film of its kind ever made! Premiering in 1937, it went on to become one of the most successful cinematic releases of all time, both theatrically and on home video too.

In 1955, Disneyland Park in California first opened its gates, and prominently featured the original Disney Princess and her Dwarf friends in the attraction “Snow White and Her Adventures.” Since then, the film has inspired experiences at Disney theme parks all across the planet—a tradition that continues at Shanghai Disneyland to this very day!


儘管富有想像力的創新,白雪公主不僅僅是沃爾特迪斯尼的第一部全長動畫長片; 這是有史以來第一部同類電影! 在1937年首映,它繼續成為有史以來最成功的電影發行之一,無論是戲劇還是家庭視頻。

1955年,加利福尼亞州的迪士尼樂園首次開放其大門,並在“白雪公主和她的冒險”中吸引了最初的迪士尼公主和她的矮人朋友。從那時起,這部電影激發了全球迪士尼主題公園的體驗。 – 一直延續到上海迪士尼樂園的傳統至今!

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FROM:“Once Upon a Time” Adventure – Enchanted Storybook Castle (Shanghai Disney Resort)


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