Cascading Brick Arches Feature in Penda’s Residential Tower in Tel Aviv 位於特拉維夫Penda住宅大樓的層疊磚拱門

Penda has released images of its proposed high-rise residential tower in Tel Aviv, featuring brick arches and cascading terraces influenced by the city’s Bauhaus era and the materiality of its Old Town. The 380-foot-high (116-meter-high) scheme will house a range of one to four bedroom apartments, as well as double-height penthouses.

Penda發布了其在特拉維夫建議的高層住宅大樓的圖片,其中包括受城市包豪斯時代影響的磚拱和層疊梯田以及舊城區的物質性。 這個380英尺高(116米高)的計劃將包括一至四間臥室的公寓,以及雙層高的頂層公寓。

For the scheme’s design, Penda rejected the “generic glass tower” in favor of a form and materiality which responds to Tel Aviv’s sunny Mediterranean climate.


The 190,000-square-foot (17,500-square-meter) scheme is defined by its cascading arches, chosen for its historical “shelter” roots in architecture, and its traditional role as a “welcoming gesture” at the entrance to buildings and cities. Together with layered terraces, the rhythmic layout of the arched structure creates a façade which reflects the vividness of Tel Aviv, striking a balance between openness and shelter.

這個190,000平方英尺(17,500平方米)的方案由其層疊式拱門定義,這些拱門是根據建築的歷史“庇護”根源而選擇的,其傳統角色是在建築物和城市入口處的“歡迎姿態”。 與層狀露台一起,拱形結構的節奏佈局創造了一個立面,反映了特拉維夫的生動,在開放和庇護之間取得平衡。

Encircling the 18 floors of apartments are a ribbon of terraces, acting as shading devices against direct sunlight, and giving outdoor access to every room. Setbacks in the building’s form create two distinctive terraces typologies: roofed ones providing sun protection, and open terraces ideal for landscaping. Privacy of terraces also varies between outbound areas to encourage cross-floor communication, and inbound, private areas.

環繞18層公寓的是一個露台帶,作為遮陽設備,可以防止陽光直射,並可以讓每個房間都可以進入戶外。 建築形式的挫折創造了兩種獨特的梯田類型:屋頂提供防曬,以及適合景觀美化的開放式露台。 露台的隱私也因出境區域而異,以鼓勵跨樓層通信,以及入境,私人區域。

We mainly looked to the past and how the previous generation built in Mediterranean regions. Designing in a warm climate is not about maximizing glass-facades and a continues AC-run. It’s about creating a design that offers views on one hand but minimizes its openings to direct sunlight on the other. The arch is an expression of this approach and improves the buildings structural capacities and energy performance at the same time.
-Chris Precht, Co-Founder, Penda

我們主要關注過去以及上一代如何在地中海地區建造。 在溫暖的氣候中進行設計並不是為了最大化玻璃幕牆和持續的AC運行。 這是關於創造一種設計,一方面提供視圖,但最小化其開口,以將陽光直射到另一方面。 拱形是這種方法的表達,同時提高了建築結構的能力和能源性能。
-Chris Precht,Penda聯合創始人

The tower is designed in a modular system, allowing structural elements to be prefabricated at lower construction and maintenance costs. The geometry of the building has been heavily influenced by the Bauhaus, with its emphasis on openness, clarity, and rationality exhibited in the clear design language of the arches and lines.

Further inspiration came from the old town of Tel Aviv, with profound masonry such as stone-paved alleys and thick stone walls reflected in the Penda scheme with the timeless craft of hand-laid brickwork.

該塔採用模塊化系統設計,允許以較低的結構和維護成本預製結構元件。 建築的幾何形狀深受包豪斯的影響,其重點在於拱門和線條的清晰設計語言所展現的開放性,清晰度和合理性。


Construction of the Tel Aviv Arcades is set to begin construction in 2019, overseen by the Austrian branch of Penda.

Office: Penda Austria
Name: Tel Aviv Arcades
Type: Residential
Location: Tel Aviv, Isreal
Year: 2017-Present
Size: 21000 sqm
Team: Chris Precht, Fei Tang, Dayong Sun, ZiZhi Yu
Credits: penda architecture & design
Renderings: Penda Austria
News via: penda architecture & design


辦公室:Penda Austria
渲染:Penda Austria


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