FROM:AD Interviews: Zhang Ke / Standardarchitecture

Zhang Ke is the founder and partner of standardarchitecture, an architecture firm based in China. Still relatively new, the firm has roughly 40 staff members, half of which are from China. Despite their status as a fledgling office, standardarchitecture has already completed a varied range of projects, including urban interventions in the iconic hutongs of Beijing and tourism infrastructure in the Nepal region. In 2015, Zhang Ke and his firm were the focus of an exhibition at the AEDES Gallery in Berlin, titled “Contemplating Basics.” In this interview, Zhang Ke talks about the importance of learning at different schools, as well as his own beliefs about the duty of an architect, the importance of context and his desire to tell stories in architecture.

張可是standardarchitecture的創始人和合夥人,這是一家總部設在中國的建築公司。 該公司仍然相對較新,大約有40名員工,其中一半來自中國。 儘管他們作為一個剛剛起步的辦公室,但標準體系結構已經完成了各種各樣的項目,包括北京標誌性胡同的城市干預和尼泊爾地區的旅遊基礎設施。 2015年,張可和他的公司成為柏林AEDES畫廊展覽的焦點,題為“考慮基礎知識。”在這次訪談中,張可談到了在不同學校學習的重要性,以及他自己的信念。 建築師的職責,背景的重要性以及他在建築中講故事的願望。



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