Shanghai Disneyland-Happy Circle 上海迪士尼-歡笑聚友會

[ Map Loction ]
Adventure Isle
[ Guests Can Be ]
Any Height
[ Age Interest ]
All Ages
[ Accessibility ]
May Remain in Wheelchair
[ Interests ]
Character Experience, Outdoor, Interactive

Journey to this jungle island in the largest, deepest, bluest ocean on Earth—you may even encounter some beloved Disney Characters from The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and even spot friends from Zootopia!


在地球上最大,最深,最藍的海洋叢林島之旅 – 你甚至可能會遇到一些來自叢林書,獅子王的心愛的迪士尼角色,甚至還有來自Zootopia的現場朋友!

Exchange greetings and possibly see a famous orangutan, sloth bear, lion and other classic Disney Characters! Happy Circle is a special jungle meeting place where native Arbori musicians play tribal rhythms—and extraordinary animated stars from classic Disney films such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King appear at select times to entertain you.

Just as with an unforgettable dream, the experience of being in this magical place will stay with you—an endearing reminder of the power of make-believe.

交換問候,可能會看到一個著名的猩猩,懶熊,獅子和其他經典的迪士尼角色! Happy Circle是一個特殊的叢林聚會場所,當地的Arbori音樂家演奏部落節奏 – 來自經典迪士尼電影的非凡動畫明星,如叢林書和獅子王,在特定時間出現以娛樂你。

正如一個令人難忘的夢想一樣,在這個神奇的地方體驗將留在你身邊 – 一個可愛的提醒人們虛構的力量。


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