Parkroyal on Pickering

Parkroyal on Pickering (stylised as PARKROYAL on Pickering) is a luxury hotel located in the Central Area of Singapore.The building’s “hotel-in-a-garden” design has been lauded for its unique architecture that incorporates 15,000 m2 (160,000 sq ft) of elevated terraced gardens.

位於新加坡中心區的皮克林Parkroyal(皮克林賓樂雅酒店)是一家豪華酒店。該建築的“酒店式花園”設計因其獨特的建築風格而受到稱讚,佔地15,000平方米(160,000平方英尺) 高架梯田花園。

General information
Location:Downtown Core, Singapore
Address:3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289
Owner:UOL Group Ltd
Management:Pan Pacific Hotels Group
Height:89 m (292 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:16
Floor area:29,812 m2 (320,890 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architecture firm:WOHA
Services engineer:TEP Consultants Pte Ltd
Other information
Number of rooms:367
Number of restaurants:1

地址:3 Pickering Street,Singapore,058289
所有者:UOL Group Ltd.
服務工程師:TEP Consultants Pte Ltd.

Parkroyal on Pickering was opened in 2013.

Parkering on Pickering於2013年開業。

The hotel was designed by WOHA, a Singapore-based architecture firm known for incorporating extensive greenery in their buildings. Designed to be a “hotel-in-a-garden”, Parkroyal on Pickering features extensive greenery, including green walls, water features and 15,000 square meters of tiered “sky gardens”.

The hotel’s sky gardens are designed to be self-sustaining and consume minimal energy through the usage of solar cells, motion sensors, rainwater harvesting and reclaimed water.

酒店由WOHA設計,這是一家新加坡建築公司,以其建築物中廣泛的綠化而聞名。 Parkroyal on Pickering酒店設計為“花園中的酒店”,擁有廣闊的綠地,包括綠色牆壁,水景和15,000平方米的分層“空中花園”。


Parkroyal on Pickering has 367 rooms and suits. The fifth floor of the hotel is a dedicated wellness floor that features a day spa, fitness centre, infinity pool and garden. The hotel offers a restaurant and bar called LIME.

皮克林的Parkroyal酒店擁有367間客房和套房。 酒店的五樓是一個專用的健康樓層,設有日間水療中心,健身中心,無邊泳池和花園。 酒店設有一間名為LIME的餐廳和酒吧。

Hailed by many as an ‘architectural stunner’, PARKROYAL on Pickering has been attracting business travellers and tourists to Singapore with its awe-inspiring façade. The intriguing structure is a first-of-its-kind in the world and unique to the region; encouraging key decision makers and business owners to make the switch from their preferred hotels to explore a unique hotel-in-a-garden experience that only PARKROYAL on Pickering can offer.

賓夕法尼亞州皮克林賓樂雅酒店被許多人譽為“建築尤物”,以其令人驚嘆的外觀吸引著商務旅客和遊客前往新加坡。 這個有趣的結構是世界上首創的,也是該地區獨有的結構; 鼓勵關鍵決策者和企業主從他們喜歡的酒店轉換,探索一個獨特的酒店式花園體驗,只有皮克林的賓樂雅酒店才能提供。

The 367-room PARKROYAL on Pickering is Singapore’s first hotel-in-a-garden featuring 15,000 sqm (50 different varieties of plants) of sky gardens, waterfalls, and planter walls, which constitute more than twice the hotel’s total land area – which is a scale unprecedented in a built-up city centre. Flora species ranging from shade trees, tall palms, flowering plants, leafy shrubs and overhanging creepers encourage biodiversity in the city.

The vast greenery absorbs heat, provides shade to hard surfaces and accelerate transpiration thus improving air quality.

Comprehensive energy and water conservation features include light, rain and motion sensors, as well as the use of rain harvesting and recycled water. Natural materials and textures have been used throughout the design of the hotel, including light and dark wood, pebbles, water, green ‘moss’, carpets and glass.

Since August 2018, the hotel has implemented a plastic-free policy for its meetings. Drinking water is bottled and purified in-house, and made available in reusable glass bottles (similar to those provided in guestrooms since the hotel opened in 2013). For larger events, water points and dispensers are used.

In preference for more environmentally-sustainable alternatives, plastic straws have been removed from our all-day dining restaurant – LIME. We have essentially gone straw-free but in the event that guests really need one, paper straws are offered instead.

Outdoor corridors are lined with plants, and walkways set within the four sky gardens en route to the guestrooms. More than 60% of guestroom corridors resemble garden spaces with natural light and fresh air.

Singapore’s first zero-energy sky gardens are powered by solar-energy cells (which won the hotel the Solar Pioneer Award), and an auto-irrigated and fertilization system is installed for all planter areas.

皮克林賓樂雅酒店擁有367間客房,是新加坡第一家擁有15,000平方米(50種不同植物)的空中花園,瀑布和種植牆的酒店,佔酒店總面積的兩倍以上 – 這是在一個建成的市中心,規模空前。植物種類包括遮蔭樹,高大的棕櫚樹,開花植物,綠葉灌木和懸垂的爬行物,鼓勵城市的生物多樣性。







Guestrooms and suites are designed to allow maximum natural light. Each room features all-natural products with recycled composite granite for the bathtubs, sinks and vanity tops, and wood and stone finish throughout. There are separate recycling bins for plastic, glass, paper and glass in all guestrooms (and throughout the hotel).

Besides our green innovations, we’re committed to hosting events supporting great causes at our hotel, such as the recent Green is the New Black – Asia’s Conscious Festival and Platform.

客房和套房的設計旨在讓自然光線充足。 每間客房均採用全天然產品,配有可回收的複合花崗岩,適用於浴缸,水槽和梳妝台,以及木材和石材飾面。 所有客房(以及整個酒店)都有單獨的塑料,玻璃,紙張和玻璃回收箱。

除了我們的綠色創新,我們還致力於在我們的酒店舉辦支持偉大事業的活動,例如最近的綠色是新黑 – 亞洲的意識節和平台。


FROM:PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel – Singapore – Hotel Video Guide

FROM:PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore

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