Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates built Loop House around a planted central courtyard in pursuit of peace and quiet for a dense urban site in Hyogo, Japan.

A series of elevated veranda spaces overlook the courtyard in a design that is an inversion of the Katsura Imperial Villa. The historic villa in Kyoto has a veranda around its perimeter overlooking a traditional Japanese garden.

Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates在一個種植的中央庭院周圍建造了Loop House,以便在日本兵庫縣的一個密集的城市遺址中尋求和平與寧靜。

一系列高架陽台空間俯瞰庭院,設計是Katsura Imperial Villa的倒置。 京都歷史悠久的別墅周圍設有陽台,俯瞰著傳統的日式花園。

“I thought that if I cut into the Katsura’s plan and rotated it so that it was enclosed in a circle, perhaps I could fold up its inside/outside relationship into a more compact version,” said Tomohiro Hata, founder of Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates.

“This resulted in a new form in which a shallow, veranda-like space supports the rich inside/outside relationships, which extend in a circle, looping around.”

“我認為,如果我切入Katsura的計劃並將其旋轉以使其被包圍成一個圓圈,也許我可以將其內部/外部關係折疊成更緊湊的版本,”Tomohiro Hata建築師的創始人Tomohiro Hata說道。協會。


Being only one room deep, this loop plan ensures that all of the home’s spaces have a relationship to the courtyard.

All of the rooms connect to it either through full-height window or via one of the terraces, which are sheltered in certain places by the home’s roof.



Loop House’s plan is split roughly into two, with communal dining and living areas featuring mezzanine spaces to one side and bedrooms and bathrooms to the other, topped with terrace spaces.

This play of levels, with small staircases connecting the upper and lower verandas with the courtyard itself, animate the spaces with different lines of sight through the entire house.

Loop House的計劃大致分為兩個,公共用餐區和起居區一側設有夾層空間,另一側設有臥室和浴室,頂部設有露台空間。


In contrast, the exterior of Loop House presents a plain, largely windowless facade to the street, with a concrete base and bright white metal panels for the upper levels.

相比之下,Loop House的外觀呈現出一個平坦的,基本上沒有窗戶的街道立面,上面是混凝土底座和明亮的白色金屬板。

A simple palette of light wood on the interiors and bright white for the exteriors, balustrades and staircases marks out the pockets of inside and outside space that sit tucked around the home.


Founded in 2005, Tomohiro Hata’s practice has completed many private houses in Japan. In 2016, the firm designed a sloping metal-clad home in Kobe, and the 2013 project House N in Hyogo clustered three buildings around a central courtyard.

Tomohiro Hata成立於2005年,在日本完成了許多私人住宅。 2016年,該公司在神戶設計了一個傾斜的金屬外殼,2013年在兵庫縣的House N項目圍繞著一個中央庭院聚集了三座建築。



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