A zinc-clad concert hall by Steven Holl Architects and Architecture Acts will cantilever over the 1960s modernist House of Culture in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The competition-winning design features a curving irregular form covered in part with panels of zinc, opening in places with glazed walls that reveal maple-wood interiors.

Steven Holl建築事務所和建築法案的鍍鋅音樂廳將懸掛在20世紀60年代捷克共和國俄斯特拉發的現代主義文化之家。


The House of Culture was built by Czech modernist architect Jaroslav Fragner in 1961 and has a facade clad in travertine and ceramic tiles, with large columns on the front facade.

Steven Holl Architects and Architecture Acts’ concert hall complex will be built on both sides of one of the House of Culture’s wings.

文化之家由捷克現代主義建築師雅羅斯拉夫·弗拉克納(Jaroslav Fragner)於1961年建造,外立面採用石灰華和瓷磚覆蓋,正面立柱上有大柱子。

Steven Holl建築事務所和建築事務所的音樂廳大樓將建在文化之家的兩側。

The auditorium will be built at the rear of the complex, facing the park, while a glazed entrance lobby will be cantilevered over a square at the front of the building. The two elements will be connected above the existing building with a large foyer space.

The 1,300 seater concert hall will be shaped like a “perfect acoustic instrument in its case”, said the architecture studios. It will have a wide base at the rear – behind the House of Culture – tapering to a more slender neck facing the road.

禮堂將建在復式建築的後部,面向公園,而玻璃入口大廳將懸掛在建築物正面的廣場上。 這兩個元素將連接在現有建築物上方,並設有大型門廳空間。

建築工作室表示,1,300座的音樂廳將形成一個“完美的聲學樂器”。 它將在文化之家的後方有一個寬闊的基礎 – 逐漸變細到面向道路的更纖細的脖子。

A shell of zinc panels will form the “case”, which opens in places to reveal the interior, which will be clad in maple wood.


Other architecture projects in the Czech Republic with striking facades include a sports hall covered in fish scale-like aluminium panels, and a furniture showroom covered in black plastic chairs.


Six out of seven jury members supported this design for the Ostrava concert hall, which will provide a new performance space for the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nagata Acoustics is collaborating with the architecture studios to design the performance space.


Nagata Acoustics正在與建築工作室合作設計性能空間。

Architecture Acts was founded in Prague by Hana Petrik and Martin Kropac. American architect Steven Holl founded his practice, which has offices in New York and Beijing, in 1976.

Recent projects from the studio include plans for an office building in Beijing with swooping glazed roofs, and a pair of towers connected by a pair of plant-filled bridges for Shenzhen.

建築法案由Hana Petrik和Martin Kropac在布拉格創立。 美國建築師史蒂文霍爾於1976年在紐約和北京設立辦事處。




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