An experimental cork house, Grimshaw’s London Bridge Station, and Feilden Fowles Architects’ visitor centre at Yorkshire Sculpture Park are among the projects shortlisted for this year’s Stirling Prize.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has announced the six finalists vying for the accolade, which is awarded annually to the building judged to have made the greatest contribution to British architecture.

This year’s shortlisted projects are: The Macallan Distillery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Nevill Holt Opera by Witherford Watson Mann Architects, Cork House by Matthew Barnett Howland with Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton, London Bridge Station by Grimshaw, Goldsmith Street housing by Mikhail Riches and Cathy Hawley, and The Weston by Feilden Fowles Architects.

實驗性的軟木房,格里姆肖的倫敦橋站和Feilden Fowles建築事務所的約克郡雕塑公園的遊客中心都是今年斯特林獎入圍的項目之一。


今年的入圍項目包括:Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners的Macallan Distillery,Witherford Watson Mann Architects的Nevill Holt Opera,Matthew Barnett的Cork House,Dido Milne和Oliver Wilton的倫敦橋,Grimshaw的倫敦橋站,Mikhail Riches的Goldsmith Street住房 和Cathy Hawley,以及Feilden Fowles建築事務所的Weston。

“The RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist epitomises the enviable global reputation of UK architecture,” said RIBA president Ben Derbyshire.

“These six buildings could hardly be more diverse in typology and scale – from a rustic stable block-turned- theatre to a vast national railway station,” he continued.

“But what they have in common – ground-breaking innovation, extraordinary creativity and the highest quality materials and detailing – sets them apart, rightfully earning them a chance to win the highest accolade in architecture.”

“RIBA斯特林獎候選名單集中體現了英國建築令人羨慕的全球聲譽,”RIBA總裁Ben Derbyshire說。

“這六座建築的類型和規模幾乎沒有多樣化 – 從質樸穩定的街區轉向劇院到廣闊的國家火車站,”他繼續道。

“但他們的共同點 – 突破性的創新,非凡的創造力和最優質的材料和細節 – 使他們與眾不同,正確地為他們贏得了建築界最高榮譽的機會。”

Two of the projects shortlisted for this year’s prize rejuvenated existing structures – Grimshaw’s overhaul one of London’s busiest stations and Witherford Watson Mann Architects’ construction of a opera theatre within a 17th-century stable block in Leicestershire.

Meanwhile, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Macallan Distillery in Speyside and Feilden Fowles visitor centre within Yorkshire Sculpture Park are both designed to merge with their surroundings and ensure there is a minimal impact on their historic landscapes.

其中兩個項目入圍今年的獎項,使現有建築重新煥發活力 – 格里姆肖對倫敦最繁忙的車站之一進行大修,Witherford Watson Mann建築事務所在萊斯特郡17世紀的一個穩定街區內建造了一個歌劇院。

與此同時,位於Speyside的Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Macallan Distillery和約克郡雕塑公園內的Feilden Fowles遊客中心均設計為與周圍環境融為一體,確保對其歷史景觀的影響微乎其微。

The most unusual of the shortlisted buildings is Cork House, which is made from a self-build construction kit of sustainable cork parts and designed to emit next to zero carbon.

It is one of two residential projects that made the shortlist, alongside the energy-efficient council housing by Mikhail Riches and Cathy Hawley in Norwich.

Derbyshire said that this is a demonstration UK architects’ ability to tackle “the most pressing challenges of our times”, such as the climate and housing crisis.

最受歡迎的入圍建築是Cork House,它採用可自行構造的可持續軟木部件構造而成,設計用於零碳排放。



“Given the fact the UK faces the worst housing crisis for generations and a global climate emergency, we must encourage their architectural ambition, innovation, bravery and skill,” explained Derbyshire.

“From the way that Cork House experiments with entirely plant-based materials, to Goldsmith Street’s ultra-low energy affordable homes, each of these six buildings push the boundaries of architecture, exceeding what has been done before, and providing solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our times.”


“從Cork House採用完全基於植物的材料實驗到Goldsmith Street的超低能耗住宅的方式,這六座建築物中的每一座都突破了建築的界限,超越了之前所做的,並為部分建築提供了解決方案。 我們這個時代最緊迫的挑戰。“

The shortlist is drawn from the 54 winners of the RIBA National Awards 2019, which celebrates Britain’s best new buildings.

For Feilden Fowles Architects, Matthew Barnett Howland with Dido Milne and Oliver Wilton, Mikhail Riches with Cathy Hawley, it is the first time on the Stirling Prize shortlist.


對於Feilden Fowles Architects,Matthew Barnett Howland和Dido Milne以及Oliver Wilton,Mikhail Riches和Cathy Hawley,這是第一次參加斯特林獎候選名單。

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has now been shortlisted seven times. It has also won twice, once in 2006 for Barajas Airport and again in 2009 for Maggie’s Centre London.

Witherford Watson Mann Architects also won the Stirling Prize in 2013 for Astley Castle, while Grimshaw has been shortlisted for the Eden Project in 2001 and Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA in 2008, but missing out on the prize both times.

Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners現已入圍七次入圍名單。 它還贏得了兩次,一次是2006年的巴拉哈斯機場,另一次是2009年的Maggie中心倫敦。

Witherford Watson Mann建築師事務所還在2013年為Astley Castle贏得了Stirling獎,而Grimshaw在2001年入圍伊甸園項目,並於2008年入圍阿姆斯特丹Bijlmer ArenA,但兩次都沒有獲獎。

Several well-know projects missed out on the shortlist is the V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma, as well as Coal Drops Yards shopping centre by Heatherwick Studio at London’s King’s Cross.

Peter Zumthor’s Secular Retreat, which is shortlisted for RIBA’s House of the Year 2019, also missed out on a place.

The winner of the 2019 RIBA Stirling Prize will be announced on Tuesday 8 October 2019 at the Roundhouse in London.

Last year the prize was awarded to Bloomberg by Foster + Partners, which was picked from a shortlist dominated by buildings commissioned by universities. In 2017, dRMM received the award for Hastings Pier and the year before Caruso St John won for Newport Street Gallery.

入圍名單的幾個眾所周知的項目是Kengo Kuma的V&A Dundee,以及倫敦King’s Cross的Heatherwick工作室的Coal Drops Yards購物中心。

Peter Zumthor的Secular Retreat,入選RIBA 2019年度最佳入圍名單,也錯過了一個地方。


去年,該獎項由Foster + Partners頒發給Bloomberg,該獎項是從大學委託建築物主導的候選名單中挑選出來的。 2017年,dRMM獲得了黑斯廷斯碼頭獎,以及Caruso St John贏得紐波特街畫廊前一年的獎項。



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