A Cabin Concept by Bartosz Domiczek |Bartosz Domiczek的小屋概念

‘Northern Wisps’ is a visualization project created by Polish architect and visual artist Bartosz Domiczek. The project was Bartosz’s entry for the Ronen Bekerman’s Cabins 3D Challenge.

“Northern Wisps”是由波蘭建築師和視覺藝術家Bartosz Domiczek創建的可視化項目。 該項目是Bartosz參加Ronen Bekerman的Cabins 3D Challenge。

The goal of this project was to visualize the prefab cabin in a location of choice. Bartosz’s design is placed in Icelandic Thórsmörk and he made several different scenes to show various aspects of the place (from quite barren hills to thick woody areas).

該項目的目標是在預選的位置可視化預製艙。 Bartosz的設計被放置在冰島的Thórsmörk,他製作了幾個不同的場景來展示這個地方的各個方面(從相當荒蕪的山丘到厚厚的木質區域)。

The cabins themselves are formed as white ephemeral monoliths, contrasting with the organic surrounding and being something between the reminiscence of the ancient dwelling built around the fireplace and the idea of Nordic gods standing in the row on a mountain ridge.


You can also find this amazing artist’s video presenting his Northern Wisps project. It is truly an incredible piece.

您還可以找到這個驚人的藝術家的視頻,展示他的Northern Wisps項目。 這真是一件令人難以置信的作品。


FROM:Northern Wisps

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