The first ride to open in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, puts you in the cockpit of the most famous hunk of junk in the galaxy. It’s a fully-interactive motion simulator which puts you and a group of five people on a smuggling mission with Han Solo’s infamous ship. But some have been wondering, what happens if you don’t do anything? What happens if the pilots don’t steer the ship? What happens if the gunners don’t fire at the incoming tie fighters and obstacles? What happens if the engineers don’t fix the damage? What happens if you don’t pull the lever to jump to hyperspace? Answer: NOTHING, the ride is pre-programmed to do it all by itself!

The folks of Ordinary Adventures attempted to conduct an experiment to find out, and filmed the whole thing. Watch the video below and see what happens.

第一次在星球大戰中開啟:銀河邊緣,千禧獵鷹:走私者的奔跑,讓你進入銀河系中最著名的垃圾池的駕駛艙。 這是一個完全互動的運動模擬器,它讓你和一群五人與Han Solo臭名昭著的船進行走私任務。 但有些人一直在想,如果你什麼都不做,會發生什麼? 如果飛行員沒有駕駛船,會發生什麼? 如果槍手沒有向即將到來的領帶戰鬥機和障礙物開火,會發生什麼? 如果工程師沒有修復損壞會怎樣? 如果你不拉動槓桿跳到超空間會發生什麼? 答:沒事,騎行是預編程的,可以自行完成!

普通歷險記的人們試圖進行實驗以找出並拍攝整件事。 觀看下面的視頻,看看會發生什麼。

FROM:What Happens: Riding Smuggler’s Run Without Touching ANY CONTROLS

So, they knew that there was no game over state for the ride, that you couldn’t crash the Falcon or die, but they were surprised to learn how much Smugglers Run is actually pre-programmed and apparently it doesn’t really matter that much what you do or not. Sure, you’ll hit fewer things if you pilot well, take on less damage and earn more credits, but not much else changes.

Is it a disappointment? Well, yes and no. Yes, because riders want to have the illusion that THEY really pilot the Millenium Falcon and make sure that it is their push on the light-speed button that is responsible of entering into hyperspace. And no, because in fact, even if a big part of the ride is programmed you still really pilot the Falcon, fire the guns, enter in light-speed mode when you decide it ( as long as you don’t wait too long to push the button ), etc… So, yes, what you will do will definitely have an effect on the ride – hey, you can have the Falcon hitting anything you want if you steer the ship insanely!

Now, why did they programmed the ride so it works by itself if no one does anything? Well, first, chances are low that riders don’t do anything when they’ll get into the cockpit – after all that’s what the ride is all about: having the illusion that you pilot the Millenium Falcon, so you’re not going to wait in line hours just to don’t do anything once you’re at last inside the cockpit, right? Now, they could have programmed the ride so it stops if no one is doing anything, but they didn’t do it. Personally i think that in this case riders should have a warning of Hondo Ohnaka – who assist riders all along the ride – with his voice saying that “if you don’t control the ship it will have to go back to Batuu”, etc… and after a few seconds, then the ride would stop. At least there will be a logic. But, again, as i’ve said, 99% of riders will do the job they’re supposed to do, whether they are pilot, gunners or engineers, so no one will experiment disappointment or, if can say, will see the trick.

因此,他們知道騎行沒有遊戲狀態,你不能讓Falcon崩潰或者死亡,但是他們很驚訝地了解到Smugglers Run實際上已經預編程了多少,顯然這並不重要你做什麼或不做什麼。當然,如果你駕駛得好,你會減少一些事情,減少傷害並獲得更多的積分,但不會有太多其他變化。

這是一種失望嗎?嗯,是的,不。是的,因為車手們想要擁有他們真正駕駛Millenium Falcon的幻覺,並確保他們推動了進入超空間的光速按鈕。不,因為事實上,即使大部分騎行都是編程的,你仍然真正駕駛獵鷹,射擊槍,當你決定進入輕速模式時(只要你不等待太長時間按下按鈕等等……所以,是的,你會做什麼肯定會對騎行產生影響 – 嘿,如果你瘋狂地操縱船,你可以讓獵鷹擊中你想要的任何東西!

現在,他們為什麼編程騎行,所以如果沒有人做任何事情它會自行運作?嗯,首先,當他們進入駕駛艙時,車手不做任何事情的可能性很小 – 畢竟這就是騎行的全部意義:有幻想你駕駛千禧獵鷹,所以你不會去在排隊時間等待,一旦你最終進入駕駛艙,就不要做任何事情,對吧?現在,他們可以編程騎行,如果沒有人做任何事情就停止,但他們沒有這樣做。我個人認為,在這種情況下,車友應該警告Hondo Ohnaka – 他們一直在協助車手 – 他的聲音說“如果你不控制船隻就必須回到Batuu”,等等。 ..幾秒鐘後,然後乘車就會停下來。至少會有一個邏輯。但是,正如我所說,99%的車手將會完成他們應該做的工作,無論他們是飛行員,槍手還是工程師,所以沒有人會試驗失望,或者,如果可以的話,會看到這個伎倆。



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