Tokyo Disney-Tower of Terror 東京迪士尼-驚魂古塔

When the elevator rises to the highest floor, a creepy horror experience is about to happen…

Vehicles, high speed/irritating, unaffected by rain, loud sound, terrifying Disney stars, must be in the dark
[suitable for objects]
Pregnant women are not suitable, they must be able to sit on their own, more than 102 cm OK


孕婦不宜、必須能夠自行坐穩、102 cm以上OK

A bizarre disappearance in 1899 caused the owner of the luxury hotel in New York City to lose its owner and was named by the locals as the “Ghost Tower”.
When you go back to New York in 1912, why not take a tour of the New York City Conservation Society and revisit the hotel’s former grandeur? When you take the elevator to the top floor of the hotel, you may be able to experience the mysterious phenomenon of the creeps…

一宗發生在 1899 年的離奇失蹤事件,令矗立於紐約市區的這座豪華飯店失去主人,並被當地人冠上「驚魂古塔」的稱呼。
當您回溯時光來到 1912 年的紐約,何不參加紐約市保存協會舉辦的參觀行程,重溫飯店昔日的華麗風華呢?搭乘電梯前往飯店頂樓時,說不定您還能親身經歷令人毛骨悚然的神祕現象……。

FROM:タワー・オブ・テラー / Tower of Terror

FROM:Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea – Ride POV

FROM:[5K 360] Tower of Terror Tokyo Disney Sea – Full 360 POV – English Subtitles


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