Tokyo Disney-Big City Vehicles 東京迪士尼-大都會交通工具

A variety of stylish vehicles for you to travel around the US waterfront.

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In the early 20th century, the emergence of cars made the United States say goodbye to the era of horse-drawn carriages. When you come to the US waterfront, let the new darling of this era take you on a drive and enjoy sightseeing in the bustling New York! The vehicles that come and go are all kinds of colors and interesting. Will you come to greet you with a wind-driven convertible, a smart police car, or a cute outside delivery car?

20 世紀初葉,汽車的出現令美國揮別了馬車的時代。來到美國海濱時就讓這時代的新寵兒載您兜風,優雅地在繁華的紐約觀光吧!往來的車輛形形色色、趣味十足。前來迎接您的將會是拉風的敞篷車、神氣的警車,還是可愛的外送貨車呢?

FROM:ビッグシティ・ヴィークル / Big City Vehicles

FROM:Big City Vehicles Round-Trip Ride Through American Waterfront Attraction POV – Tokyo DisneySea


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