Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹公共圖書館

The Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA; Dutch pronunciation: [oːpənˈbaːrə biblioːˈteːk ɑmstərˈdɑm]; English: Amsterdam Public Library) is an organization of public libraries in Amsterdam, Diemen, and Ouder-Amstel in the Netherlands. The first library opened in 1919 at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. As of 2018, the OBA had 26 branch libraries, 177,000 members, and 1.3 million objects in its collection.

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam(OBA;荷蘭語發音:[oːpənbaːrəbiblioːteːkɑmstərdɑm];英語:Amsterdam Public Library)是荷蘭阿姆斯特丹,Diemen和Ouder-Amstel的公共圖書館組織。 第一家圖書館於1919年在阿姆斯特丹的Keizersgracht開業。 截至2018年,OBA擁有26個分支庫,177,000個成員,以及130萬個對象。

Type:Public library
Established:8 February 1919
Location:Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel
Size:1.3 million objects
Access and use
Circulation:c. 3 million objects
Other information
Director:Martin Berendse (since 2014)
Staff:354 employees (2015)

循環:C。 300萬件物品
主任:Martin Berendse(自2014年起)

The first public reading room and library of Amsterdam was opened at the Keizersgracht on 8 February 1919. The Central Library was opened at the Prinsengracht in 1977 and moved to the Oosterdokseiland in 2007.

The video podcast This Week in Libraries (2010–2014) was recorded in the Central Library.

The OBA was selected as the best library of the Netherlands in 2012.




Central Library
The Central Library or OBA Oosterdok has a floor surface of 28,500 m2, spread out over 10 floors, 1200 seats, of which 600 with Internet-connected computers and a staff of 200. Also included are an auditorium, an exhibition room, the Library Museum, the Gerard Reve Museum and 2000 parking spaces for bicycles. On the seventh floor is a V&D La Place self-service restaurant with a south-facing terrace.

The cost of the project was €80 million. The building was designed by Jo Coenen, the former state architect (Rijksbouwmeester) of the Netherlands, who also designed the nearby KNSM Island, as well as the Central Library of Maastricht, and renovated the distinctive Glaspaleis in Heerlen, which houses its Central Library. Arup were selected to create the lighting design to create “a landscape with different zones” and a system for distributing fresh air which cools the building through drawing in the cold air outside.

The Central Library is open 7 days per week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the lending and returning of books is fully automated. Not only does the OBA provide a large range of printing and copying facilities, but some other unusual features can be found in the library, such as two radio stations. AmsterdamFM is located on the first floor and OBA Live is on the fourth floor. Both radio stations have live broadcasts where the public is welcome to watch.

The Muizenhuis made by Karina Schaapman is located in the youth department. It’s a doll house for mice, made almost entirely by hand. This Muizenhuis, or Mouse House, is the decor for the adventures of two curious mice called Sam and Julia.

The library has an exposition area which features rotating expositions related to design, art and/or books. All the expositions are open to the public for free.

中央圖書館或OBA Oosterdok的地板面積為28,500平方米,分佈在10個樓層,1200個座位,其中600個擁有連接互聯網的電腦和200名員工。還包括禮堂,展覽室,圖書館博物館,Gerard Reve博物館和2000個自行車停車位。位於七樓的V&D La Place自助餐廳設有朝南的露台。

該項目的成本為8000萬歐元。該建築由荷蘭前國家建築師(Rijksbouwmeester)Jo Coenen設計,他還設計了附近的KNSM島以及馬斯特里赫特中央圖書館,並對位於其中央圖書館的Heerlen的獨特Glaspaleis進行了翻新。 Arup被選中用於創建照明設計以創建“具有不同區域的景觀”和用於分配新鮮空氣的系統,其通過在外面的冷空氣中吸入來冷卻建築物。

中央圖書館每週7天開放,從上午10點到晚上10點。書籍的借出和歸還是完全自動化的。 OBA不僅提供大量的打印和復印設施,而且還可以在圖書館中找到一些其他不尋常的功能,例如兩個廣播電台。 AmsterdamFM位於一樓,OBA Live位於四樓。兩個廣播電台都有現場直播,歡迎公眾觀看。

由Karina Schaapman製作的Muizenhuis位於青年部。這是一個老鼠的娃娃屋,幾乎完全由手工製作。這個Muizenhuis,或鼠標屋,是兩個好奇的老鼠冒險的裝飾,稱為山姆和朱莉婭。



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