Forest House 森林之家

Formed of four independent buildings, the Forest House is comprised of three sleeping quarters and a shared living-dining area. Predominantly made from wood, the structures blend beautifully into the surrounding scenery. When illuminated at night, the light wooden interior lends warmth — in terms of color palette and temperature. While undoubtedly sleek and sophisticated in design, playful elements, like abstract window placement, emphasize the family focus of the retreat and evoke a nostalgia of childhood treehouses. Magnificent windows and mirrored bronze glass roofing frame and reflect the surrounding scenery. This design detail ensures the home complements the natural landscape, transforming with the forest during the changing seasons.

Forest House由四棟獨立建築組成,由三個睡眠區和一個共用起居用餐區組成。 這些建築主要由木材製成,與周圍的景色完美融合。 夜間照明時,淺色木質內飾帶來溫暖 – 色調和溫度。 毫無疑問,時尚而精緻的設計,有趣的元素,如抽象的窗戶擺放,強調了撤退的家庭焦點,喚起童年樹屋的懷舊情懷。 華麗的窗戶和鏡面青銅玻璃屋頂框架,反映周圍的景色。 這種設計細節確保了家庭與自然景觀相得益彰,在不斷變化的季節中與森林一起變換。

Envelope Architecture + Design
Forest House
Richard Barnes
Alice Harrison


Forest House, a project of much acclaim, recently won a 2017 design award from the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The novel design, developed by Envelope A+D, features three NanaWall WD66 systems.

Forest House是一個備受好評的項目,最近獲得了美國建築師協會舊金山分會頒發的2017年設計獎。由Envelope A + D開發的新穎設計具有三個NanaWall WD66系統。

The WD66 is our all wood framed folding glass wall. The WD66’s superior insulation and weather protection make this system the perfect accompaniment for Forest House. It performs as well as a conventional, non-operable wall, but the reality of its operability only serves to further enhance the overall design of Forest House.

WD66是我們全木框折疊玻璃牆。 WD66的卓越絕緣和防風雨使該系統成為Forest House的完美伴侶。它的性能與傳統的不可操作的牆壁相同,但其可操作性的現實僅用於進一步增強Forest House的整體設計。

As a series of small, one-room cabins, Forest House is made to feel infinitely more spacious by having the additional flexibility afforded to it by a NanaWall system. Upon operation, the WD66 can glide off into a corner, expanding the room to which it is attached by opening it entirely to the outside.

作為一系列小型單室客艙,Forest House通過NanaWall系統提供額外的靈活性,讓您感覺更加寬敞。在操作時,WD66可以滑入一個角落,通過將其完全打開到外面來擴展它所連接的房間。

Even closed, the systems glass panels let in an abundance of light, rewarding the observer a view so panoramic that it begs one to question whether they are indoors or out.


Although it is often mistakenly assumed that our systems can only be installed in broader openings, Forest House perfectly disproves this assertion; its smallest NanaWall system has only 3 panels which makes it a perfect accompaniment to a Not so Wide® space.

雖然我們經常錯誤地認為我們的系統只能安裝在更寬敞的開口中,但Forest House完全反駁了這一主張;它最小的NanaWall系統只有3個面板,這使它成為NotsoWarwide®空間的完美伴奏。


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