Sun Path House

Studio Christian Wassmann and restaurateur Frank Prisinzano are pleased to announce the opening of the Sun Path House in Miami Beach, Florida. The house, a concrete structure in dialogue with a 1930s bungalow, uses the sun and as the central figure in the fostering of vitality and health of the inhabitants.

Studio Christian Wassmann和餐廳老闆Frank Prisinzano很高興地宣佈在佛羅里達州邁阿密海灘開設Sun Path House。 這座房子是與20世紀30年代平房對話的混凝土結構,它利用太陽作為培養居民活力和健康的核心人物。

Architects: Christian Wassmann
Location: Miami Beach, United States
Category: Houses
Area: 3000.0 ft2
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Todd Eberle , Casey Kelbaugh

建築師:Christian Wassmann
照片:Todd Eberle,Casey Kelbaugh

Designed by Christian Wassmann, the Sun Path House is a three- story extension that becomes a new center of living. Creating an open space between the original structure and the new addition, an expansive kitchen serves as a spatial connection for the original house while also providing a space of interaction for the owner and his guests. Behind the bungalow stands an outwardly spiraling wall with three levels. It is simultaneously structural, functional, and sculptural, and it serves as the spine of the project.

Sun Path House由Christian Wassmann設計,是一個三層樓的延伸,成為一個新的生活中心。 在原始結構和新建築之間創造一個開放空間,寬敞的廚房作為原始房屋的空間連接,同時為業主和他的客人提供互動空間。 平房後面是一個三層的外牆螺旋式牆。 它同時具有結構性,功能性和雕塑性,是項目的支柱。

At the top of the building is a solarium, the heart of the Sun Path House, where the curved wall at its precipice maps the path of the sun on the summer’s solstice. During this passage, the sun’s rays reflect off the wall onto the surface of the deck.

建築的頂部是日光浴室,是Sun Path House的中心,懸崖上的弧形牆在夏天的冬至映射著太陽的路徑。 在這段經過中,太陽的光線從牆上反射到甲板表面。

Concurrently, the wall blocks the wind, imparting a sense of calm for the user. It is here that one can find solitude amongst the natural elements. This symptomatic experience under the open sky is free of the incursions of trivialities. At this moment, the user is able to identify an experience that is distinct from the banal. The highlighted interaction with the cosmos becomes exceptional.

同時,牆壁阻擋風,給用戶帶來平靜感。 在這裡,人們可以在自然元素中找到孤獨。 在開闊的天空下,這種對症經驗沒有瑣事的入侵。 此時,用戶能夠識別出與平庸不同的體驗。 突出的與宇宙的互動變得異常。

Beneath, the vine-covered master bedroom on the second floor, the curved wall surrounds a round bed, while hiding an open bathroom on the backside. On the open ground level, the curved wall contains a large round dining table with a built-in bench that offers direct sight lines into the original bungalow. The form of the Sun Path House is a result of a dialogue with the original house and the cosmos.

在二樓,藤蔓覆蓋的主臥室,弧形牆圍繞著一張圓床,同時隱藏在後面的開放式浴室。 在開放的地面層,弧形牆包含一個大圓形餐桌和一個內置的長凳,直接進入原始的平房視線。 Sun Path House的形式是與原始房屋和宇宙對話的結果。

The top edge of the curved wall is rotated 11.25o in respect to the existing building and the site lines in order to face north. In the middle of the wall inside the master bedroom, the wall’s curvature is parallel to the existing house. On the ground floor the curvature is 11.25o towards the middle of the garden. The rotation point of this 22.5o twist is inside the flue of a pizza oven, which is in the center of the staircase leading to the sun.

彎曲牆的頂部邊緣相對於現有建築物和場地線旋轉11.25o以便朝北。 在主臥室內的牆壁中間,牆壁的曲率與現有房屋平行。 在一樓,曲線朝向花園中間11.25o。 這個22.5o扭曲的旋轉點位於比薩餅烤箱的煙道內,該烤箱位於通往太陽的樓梯的中心。



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