Date: November 5-7, 2019
Venue: Singapore Suntec Convention Center


Exhibition criteria
1. Decoration and decoration area: construction hardware, kitchen and bathroom, new building materials, construction stainless steel, building metal materials, architectural ceramics, building stone, construction machinery and equipment, interior decoration materials, wood, building cementing products, plastic building materials, adhesives, Paper materials, ceiling floors, bricks, windows and doors, ceiling wall coverings, compartments, kitchen and bathroom and related materials.
2. Construction materials area: roof, building structure, waterproof treatment, environmental protection and environmental protection technology, water treatment technology, pipe fittings, pump valves, water discharge materials, maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies, security and protective equipment, fire safety equipment.
3. Interior decoration and accessories area: interior design, furniture and home decoration.
4. Building management system area: air conditioning and refrigeration, household air conditioning, central air conditioning, air handling equipment, refrigeration storage equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, ventilation equipment, power equipment, power equipment, energy, household appliances, lighting equipment, indoor and outdoor lighting.

2.營建材料區 :屋頂、建築結構、防水處理、環保環保技術、水處理技術、管件、泵閥、放水材料、維修​​設備及清潔用品、保安及防護設備、消防安防器材。

Exhibition introduction
BuildTech Asia, hosted by Reed Exhibitions (the world’s largest exhibition group) in 2019, is Southeast Asia’s premier “green building” exhibition.
The Asia Architecture and Interior Exhibition (BEX ASIA), hosted by Reed Exhibitions (the world’s largest exhibition group), is Southeast Asia’s premier “Green Building” exhibition for the Southeast Asian market, for environmental protection and sustainable development. The latest building materials, design and architectural solutions bring together local well-known construction industry practitioners, experts and major buyers. Participate in the exhibition to learn more about the most advanced technologies and products in the industry, build a network of relationships, and explore more emerging Southeast Asia. Business opportunities brought about by the economy. BEX ASIA will provide an ideal platform for Chinese construction and interior decoration companies to enter the construction market in Southeast Asia.
The BEX ASIA has also received strong support from various industry organizations in Singapore. The Singapore Building Society (SIA) and other institutions will support and launch “one-stop” procurement. The Singapore Green Building Council has won the right to host the World Green Building Conference and will host the second SGBC Green Building Conference with the theme “Green Communities, Green Action” in the same period as BEX Asia, aiming to bring professionals and end users from the green industry. To explore important issues in the sustainable development of the environment, SGBC hopes to attract 800 local and international exhibitors at this trade show.
The last BEX Asia welcomed 250 exhibitors from all over the world, including 30 countries and regions including Australia, China, Germany, Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. 7,693 professional visitors from 37 countries. Among them, 15% are from other countries and regions, and more than 40% of the audience are C-Level company executives or company decision makers.

2019年亞洲建築及室內裝飾展覽會(BuildTech Asia)由Reed Exhibitions(全球最大展覽集團)主辦,是東南亞首屈一指的“綠色建築”展覽會。
“亞洲建築及室內裝飾展覽會(BEX ASIA)由Reed Exhibitions(全球最大展覽集團)主辦,是東南亞首屈一指的“綠色建築”展覽會。該展面向東南亞市場建築項目,針對環保和可持續發展,展出最新的建築材料、設計和建築方案,匯聚當地知名的建築業從業者,專家和主要購買方。參加展會有機會了解更多業內最先進的科技及產品,建立關係網,挖掘更多東南亞新興經濟帶來的商機。BEX ASIA將為中國建築及室內裝飾企業進軍東南亞地區建築市場提供一個理想的平台。
BEX ASIA 的舉辦還得到了新加坡各行業機構的大力支持,新加坡建築協會(SIA)等機構都將大力支持,並推出”一站式”的採購。新加坡綠色建築委員會已贏得主辦權主辦世界綠色建築大會,與BEX Asia 同期將舉辦第二期SGBC綠色建築會議,主題“Green Communities, Green Action”,旨在讓綠公行業的專業人士及終端用戶來探討環境的可持續發展方面的重要議題, SGBC 希望在此行業展上吸引本地及國際800家展商。
上屆BEX Asia 迎來了來自全球的250家展商,包括澳大利亞、中國、德國、英國、香港、印尼、意大利、馬來西亞、新加坡、台灣、日本、泰國和越南等30個國家和地區,同時吸引了37國的7693名專業觀眾。其中,有15%的來自其它國家和地區,超過40%的觀眾是C-Level的公司主管或公司決策人。



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