Date: September 17, 2019 (Tuesday) ~ 19 (Thursday)
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center UAE

地點:杜拜國際會展中心(Dubai World Trade Center UAE)

The Middle East spans the business opportunities of three continents and the gates of the 1 billion population market. The largest international event for furniture and lighting in the Middle East
The market includes the oil-rich Arab countries, West Asia, East Africa and the rising Indian peninsula.
The oil reserves in the Middle East account for more than 65% of the world’s total. The rich oil revenues have enabled the Middle East countries to continue to prosper and the import demand has increased steadily.
Dubai is the world’s third-largest re-export center. Following Singapore and Hong Kong, it is the hub of the Middle East and the best gateway to the Islamic world and the North African market.
According to the survey of Ventures Middle East, the indoor contracting market of the Gulf (GCC) is about 9 billion US dollars, of which residential demand accounts for the largest, about 3 billion US dollars; in 2018, the value of GCC construction projects is nearly 77 billion US dollars, UAE is the first It is worth $27 billion.
Dubai is about to host the 2020 World Expo. Not only are government units paying huge sums of money for a series of infrastructure projects, but private companies are also launching luxury projects. Only 131 hotels are under construction to meet the estimated 2,500. Ten thousand visitors.

顧問公司Ventures Middle East調查指出:海灣六國(GCC)室內承包市場約90億美金,其中住宅需求佔最大宗,約30億美金;2018年統計GCC的建築案價值近770億美金,UAE為首就達270億美金。
杜拜即將主辦2020年世界博覽會(World Expo)不僅政府單位挹注龐大資金進行一連串的基礎建設,私人企業更是聯袂推出豪奢建案,僅觀光飯店即有131件建案進行中,以迎接估計2500萬的訪客。




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