US firm Tres Birds Workshop has topped a Japanese restaurant in Denver, Colorado with a greenhouse featuring soil-free growing towers.

The building is located within a block-long, mixed-use development called S*Park, short for Sustainability Park.

Local studio Tres Birds Workshop designed the entire development – which encompasses housing, commercial space and urban farming – near the downtown area of the Colorodo city.

美國公司特雷斯鳥類研討會(Tres Birds Workshop)在科羅拉多州丹佛市的一家日本餐廳中佔據了一席之地

該建築位於一個名為S * Park的區塊長混合用途開發區內,是可持續發展公園的縮寫。

當地工作室Tres Birds Workshop在Colorodo市中心附近設計了整個開發項目 – 包括住房,商業空間和城市農業。

For one corner of the site, the team created a two-story building to house a street-level restaurant and an upper-level greenhouse.

Rectangular in plan, the building consists of a relatively solid base made of brick and concrete. Up above, a fully glazed volume is topped with a multi-gable roof, giving the building a distinctive look.


該建築採用矩形平面圖,由磚和混凝土製成的相對堅固的底座組成。 在上面,一個全玻璃體積的頂部有一個多山牆屋頂,使建築物具有獨特的外觀。

The ground level was designed for Uchi, an award-winning restaurant that serves up a range of Japanese fare, from wagyu beef and oak-grilled fish to sushi and sashimi. Its first location opened in 2003 in Austin, Texas.

地面層是為Uchi設計的,這是一家屢獲殊榮的餐廳,提供各種日本美食,包括和牛牛肉,橡木烤魚,壽司和生魚片。 它的第一個位置於2003年在德克薩斯州奧斯汀開業。

“Uchi creates food with fresh ingredients in ways that defy expectations,” said the architects. “The design intent was to support this mission through the programme of the building and the sensory experience of the space.”

建築師說:“宇智以不同的方式創造出新鮮食材的食物。” “設計意圖是通過建築計劃和空間的感官體驗來支持這一使命。”

On the exterior, the restaurant is announced via a large, backlit sign. Visitors step into an L-shaped dining area that is organised around a central sushi counter and bar. The dining area features two rooms with different atmospheres – one is light and warm, while the other makes use of darker tones. Wooden screens help delineate specific zones.

在外觀上,餐廳通過一個大型背光標誌宣布。 遊客步入L形的用餐區,圍繞著一個中央壽司櫃檯和酒吧。 用餐區設有兩間不同氛圍的客房 – 一間客房明亮而溫暖,另一間則採用較暗的色調。 木製屏幕有助於描繪特定區域。

Like other parts of the S*Park development, the architects sought to use common materials in an unexpected way. One of the eatery’s most distinctive features is its southern wall, which is composed of reclaimed red bricks and custom-made crystal blocks.

“These crystal bricks transfer light and energy, connecting the comfortable interior to the distant cityscape and the eye of the passerby to the warm light within,” the studio said.

與S * Park開發的其他部分一樣,建築師試圖以意想不到的方式使用普通材料。 餐廳最顯著的特色之一是其南牆,由再生紅磚和定制水晶塊組成。


The area adjacent to the brick wall features a “chaotic” ceiling installation made of raw wooden planks that were remnants of past projects by Tres Birds Workshop. The timber boards help soften noise and add to the room’s sense of enclosure. The darker dining room also has a wooden ceiling installation, although here the slats are arranged in a more orderly fashion.

與磚牆相鄰的區域採用原始木板製成的“混亂”天花板裝置,這些木板是Tres Birds Workshop過去項目的遺留物。 木板有助於減輕噪音並增加房間的外觀感。 較暗的餐廳也有木製天花板安裝,雖然這裡的板條排列更有序。

The dining furniture consists of dark wooden chairs and tables, and booths with tan upholstery. Concrete flooring lends an industrial feel that is countered by the ample use of wood throughout the eatery.

餐廳家具包括深色木製椅子和桌子,以及帶棕褐色裝飾的展位。 混凝土地板賦予工業感,在整個餐館充分利用木材可以抵消這種感覺。

Up above, the team created a 7,000-square-foot (650-square-metre) greenhouse that “supplies the kitchen with the freshest organic greens available throughout the year”.

Managed by Altius Farms, the growing area features white, aeroponic towers that require no soil. The plants – which include lettuce, herbs and edible flowers – are regularly misted with nutrient-laden water.


由Altius農場管理,種植區域的白色氣旋塔不需要土壤。 這些植物 – 包括萵苣,草藥和食用花卉 – 經常被含有營養的水迷住。

The greenhouse conditions are monitored by sensors that help control heating and cooling and cue the opening of roof and side vents, according to Denver’s 303 Magazine. In addition to Uchi, the urban farm provides leafy greens for a number of local restaurants and markets.

With an ever-growing population, Denver has seen a construction boom in recent years. Other projects in the Colorado city include The Source Hotel, which is composed of irregularly stacked volumes, and Zeppelin Station, a large metal-clad building that overlooks train tracks. Both projects were designed by US firm Dynia Architects.

根據丹佛的303雜誌,溫室條件由傳感器監控,這些傳感器有助於控制加熱和冷卻,並提示頂部和側面通風口的開口。 除了Uchi,城市農場還為許多當地餐館和市場提供綠葉蔬菜。

隨著人口的不斷增長,近年來丹佛的建築業蓬勃發展。 科羅拉多城的其他項目包括由不規則堆放的捲組成的The Source Hotel和Zeppelin Station,這是一座俯瞰火車軌道的大型金屬建築。 這兩個項目均由美國Dynia Architects公司設計。



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