Manhattan Loft Gardens is a 143-metre-high tower with two cantilevers designed by Skidmore Owings & Merrill that overlooks London’s 2012 Olympic Games park.

Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) engineered the concrete and steel frame so that it could accommodate three sky-gardens notched into the 42-storey building.

曼哈頓閣樓花園是一座143米高的塔樓,由Skidmore Owings&Merrill設計的兩個懸臂,俯瞰倫敦2012年奧運會公園。

Skidmore Owings&Merrill(SOM)設計了混凝土和鋼框架,以便它可以容納三個天花園,這些天花園位於42層高的建築物中。

Most of the floors of Manhattan Loft Gardens are supported by a cantilevered perimeter truss system at levels 10 and 28.

This means that half of the columns could be removed to create open spaces within the tower, which stands on top of a rectangular podium.



“The way in which we settled on the overall form of the building was really a balancing act,” said Kent Jackson, design partner at SOM.

“Literally between the structure having to balance out the different parts of the cantilevered building so that they weighed each other out.”



The post-tensioning methods required to achieved this, said the architects, required engineering on a scale usually reserved for infrastructure projects.


Manhattan Loft Gardens is located in Stratford, east London, at the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park were the 2012 games were held.

It is the latest project from developer Harry Handelsman for his property company, Manhattan Loft Corporation.


這是開發人員Harry Handelsman為其物業公司Manhattan Loft Corporation提供的最新項目。

The development of 248 apartments has a mix of 13 typologies, plus a hotel, and “destination restaurants”.

It has been reported that the former head chef of Marylebone’s Chiltern Firehouse will be opening a restaurant on the seventh floor.


據報導,Marylebone Chiltern Firehouse的前主廚將在七樓開設一家餐廳。

The hotel and the apartments are integrated. Called The Stratford, the system promises a more luxurious high-rise experience for residents, with double-height ceilings, a concierge service, members’ club and a layout designed to foster a “vertical community”.

Lofts can be booked with The Stratford, the hotel and apartments, for short stays between seven days and three months, or longer term tenancies of six to 12 months.

Sky gardens on the seventh, 25th and 36th stories will have wildflower gardens, barbecue zones and party areas complete with bars. Timber panelling clads the underside of the overhanging levels.

酒店和公寓是一體化的。 該系統被稱為斯特拉特福德(Stratford),為居民提供更豪華的高層建築體驗,擁有雙層高的天花板,禮賓服務,會員俱樂部以及旨在培養“垂直社區”的佈局。

閣樓可以預訂The Stratford,酒店和公寓,短期逗留時間為7天至3個月,或長期租約為6至12個月。

第七,二十五和三十六層的空中花園將有野花園,燒烤區和帶酒吧的派對區。 木材鑲板在懸垂層面下面。

White-painted steel girders and raw concrete walls continue the industrial theme throughout the apartments.

SOM, which was founded in 1936 by Louis Skidmore and Nathaniel Owings, has another tower planned for London – a 56-storey tower topped with a viewing gallery planned for the City called The Diamond.


SOM由路易斯·斯基德莫爾和納撒尼爾·奧因斯於1936年創立,另一座塔樓計劃在倫敦建造 – 這座塔樓高56層,頂部設有觀景廊,名為The Diamond。

Project credits:

Architect: Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM)
Structural engineer: Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM)
M&E consultant: Hoare Lea
QS: DBK Partners
Infrastructure consultant: Arup
Access consultant: David Bonnett Associates
Sustainability: Greengage
Transport: WSP
Lighting: Paul Nulty Lighting Design
Facade consultant: WSP
Landscape consultant: Randle Siddeley & Martha Schwarts
Acoustic consultant: Sandy Brown
Project manager: Core5
CDM co-ordinator: Bureau Veritas
Approved building inspector: Bureau Veritas
Main contractor: Bouygues UK, ISG


建築師:Skidmore Owings&Merrill(SOM)
結構工程師:Skidmore Owings&Merrill(SOM)
M&E顧問:Hoare Lea
訪問顧問:David Bonnett Associates
照明:Paul Nulty照明設計
景觀顧問:Randle Siddeley和Martha Schwarts
主承包商:Bouygues UK,ISG



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