Canadian firm Henriquez Partners Architects has designed 10 tree-topped towers and a sprawling park to form a new mixed-use development on a suburban parcel of Vancouver.

Developers Westbank enlisted Henriquez Partners Architects to transform the site of a shopping mall into the new 4.5 million-square-foot (420,000-square-metre) community.

加拿大公司Henriquez Partners Architects設計了10座樹頂塔樓和一座龐大的公園,在溫哥華郊區的一個地塊上形成了一個新的混合用途開發項目。

開發商Westbank邀請Henriquez Partners Architects將一個購物中心的場地改造成新的450萬平方英尺(420,000平方米)的社區。

Called Oakridge, the complex will comprise 10 residential towers – including one dedicated to affordable housing – offices and retail spaces. The structures will rise from a nine-acre (3.6-hectare) park, featuring bike lanes and walkways.

“This is not another traditional shopping centre incorporating residential towers,” said lead architect Gregory Henriquez about the project. “It’s a place you may never have to leave.”

該建築群名為Oakridge,將包括10座住宅樓 – 其中一座專用於經濟適用房 – 辦公室和零售空間。 這些建築將從占地9英畝(3.6公頃)的公園升起,設有自行車道和人行道。

“這不是另一個包含住宅樓的傳統購物中心,”首席建築師Gregory Henriquez談到該項目。 “這是一個你可能永遠不會離開的地方。”

Westbank has chosen different designers to oversee the interiors for each of the nine market residential towers. Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni was selected for the tallest in the complex – a curved structure known as Building Four that tapers towards the top.

“Westbank’s Oakridge project was incredibly appealing to me because of the scope of its size and ambitions to transform the city and urban life in Vancouver,” Lissoni told.

Westbank選擇了不同的設計師來監督九個市場住宅樓中的每一個的內部。 意大利建築師兼設計師皮耶羅·利索尼(Piero Lissoni)被選為該建築群中最高的建築 – 一座名為“建築四”(Building Four)的彎曲結構,向頂部逐漸變細。


“It encompasses commercial, residential, civic institutions, communal and green spaces meant to enrich the lives of those who occupy these spaces,” he added. “I was also attracted to the fact that this project was bringing together so many incredible global talents to contribute to a unique environment in one of the world’s greatest cities.”

Westbank unveiled Lissoni’s design, which is named The Palazzi at Pierro Lissoni at Oakridge, last month to entice new buyers.

“它包括商業,住宅,民間機構,公共和綠色空間,旨在豐富佔據這些空間的人的生活,”他補充說。 “我還被這個項目吸引到如此多的令人難以置信的全球人才,以便為世界上最偉大的城市之一的獨特環境做出貢獻。”

Westbank公佈了Lissoni的設計,上個月在Oakridge的Pierro Lissoni被命名為The Palazzi,以吸引新買家。

The project includes the residences located on floors 28 to 41, the lobby, amenities and the rooftop garden.

Renderings show that Lissoni has chosen a pared-down aesthetic for the residences, including a mix of wood and white cabinetry, white pillars and walls and wooden herringbone floors.



The units are decorated with furniture pieces by B&B Italia, Boffi and Miele, in pale wood, white and darker tones.

“Lissoni’s design approach was entirely informed by the proximity and connectivity to the majestic beauty and singular topography of the Pacific Northwest – the dense forests, tree variations, and mountain tops visible on the horizon when the fog break,” said Westbank in a project statement.

B&B Italia,Boffi和Miele家具以淺色木材,白色和深色調裝飾。

“Lissoni的設計方法完全得益於與太平洋西北地區雄偉的美麗和奇異地形的接近和連通性 – 當霧中斷時,地平線上可見茂密的森林,樹木變化和山頂,”Westbank在一份項目聲明中說。

The building’s lobby is set to feature a moody decor, comprising a mix of Italian furniture. A shallow pool of water provides the base for a custom Fazioli grand piano, while a large white volume acts as a concierge area.

Dark metal will clad the elevator banks in the space, while the shafts will be covered with pale stone to contrast.

該建築的大堂擁有喜怒無常的裝飾,配有各種意大利家具。 淺水池為定制的Fazioli三角鋼琴提供了基礎,而大型白色水柱則充當了禮賓區。


Amenities will be located on the seventh floor of the building. They comprise a cinema room, a private dining area, a kitchen and a lounge clad in oak with a blackened steel fireplace. De Padova sofas, Italian lounge chairs and other dark furnishings also feature.

A study room with white bookshelves, a music room with red fabric acoustic panels and a game room will also be located on this level of The Palazzi, alongside a garden links to a gym and wellness centre.

設施將位於大樓的七樓。 設有電影室,私人用餐區,廚房以及帶橡木和黑色鋼製壁爐的休息室。 De Padova沙發,意大利躺椅和其他深色家具。

這間位於The Palazzi的樓層還設有帶白色書架的書房,帶紅色織物隔音板的音樂室和遊戲室,以及通往健身房和健康中心的花園。

The Oakridge Redevelopment, which is slated for completion in 2027, will also include three mid-rise buildings that will provide commercial and office use. A civic centre, performing arts academy and live-music venue, a library, seniors centre and a childcare facility, and a mall designed by Tokyo firm Wonderwall are among the other structures on the complex.

Oakridge will be heated and cooled by a neighbourhood energy system that will capture waste heat, and match it with natural energy drawn from existing groundwater geothermal wells. The system is intended to reduce the typical amount of greenhouse gas emissions by over 68 per cent.

Oakridge Redevelopment預計將於2027年完工,還將包括三座中層建築,將提供商業和辦公用途。 市民中心,表演藝術學院和現場音樂表演場地,圖書館,老年人中心和兒童看護設施,以及由東京公司Wonderwall設計的商場都是該綜合體的其他建築。

Oakridge將通過鄰近能源系統進行加熱和冷卻,該系統將捕獲廢熱,並將其與現有地下水地熱井的自然能量相匹配。 該系統旨在將典型的溫室氣體排放量減少68%以上。

“This is a project yet to be built anywhere, that on completion will form a fully-integrated vessel of culture, within the city of Vancouver,” Henriquez continued.

Other sustainable features include a water savings programme, which will use on-site water sources for almost all irrigation grey water uses, as well as plans for on-site solar energy.



Westbank is also behind BIG’s Vancouver House, which is set to complete in the city this year.

The skyscraper joins a group of other high-rise structures that well-known architects have designed for Vancouver, with others including a wood tower by Perkins + Will, a pair of volumes by Ole Scheeren and a timber structure by Shigeru Ban.


這座摩天大樓加入了一組其他著名建築師為溫哥華設計的高層建築,其他包括Perkins + Will的木塔,Ole Scheeren的一對捲和Shigeru Ban的木結構。



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