Though we’ve known about it for almost two years, it looks like, in addition to the 14 new additions coming to Epcot over the next 3 years, Disney is also redesigning the central hub of Future World to resemble something like this concept art, which was shared several years ago:

雖然近兩年我們已經了解它,但看起來,除了未來3年內Epcot的14個新增產品之外,迪士尼還重新設計了未來世界的中心樞紐,就像這個概念藝術一樣, 這是幾年前分享的:

And though we noted that the image above has some notable structures missing, Disney had yet to confirm that they were moving forward with this redesign in recent months. However, news broke this week that the following locations will be closing at the end of the summer on September 8, 2019:

Club Cool
Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto meet and greet
Joy and Sadness character meet and greet
Baymax character meet and greet
FountainView Starbucks
Colortopia (Innoventions)
UPDATE: Fountain of Nations
UPDATE:Art of Disney
UPDATE: Pin Central

儘管我們注意到上面的圖像缺少一些值得注意的結構,但迪士尼尚未證實他們最近幾個月正在進行這種重新設計。 然而,本周有消息稱,以下地點將於2019年9月8日夏季結束時關閉:

Club Cool
更新:Pin Central

The future of Club Cool|Club Cool的未來

Club Cool is a guest favorite area at Epcot, with many enjoying the free beverage stations with flavors from around the world. And though no specifics have been released, Disney has confirmed via social media that Club Cool will return in some form, but not in the immediate future. However, there are some changes coming very soon as a result of these closures that guests wanting to visit Epcot this fall should know about:

Club Cool是Epcot的客人最喜歡的地區,許多人都可以享受來自世界各地的免費飲料站。 雖然沒有公佈具體細節,但迪士尼已經通過社交媒體證實,Club Cool將以某種形式返回,但不會在不久的將來返回。 然而,由於這些關閉,很快就會有一些變化,希望今年秋天訪問Epcot的客人應該知道:

Shuffling Characters around 洗牌周圍的人物

In the wake of all these closures, Disney is making a few adjustments to its character lineup, including the following:

Minnie Mouse will move to the World Showcase Gazebo

Daisy Duck will move to the American Adventure

Mickey and Goofy will meet temporarily in Innoventions West, but will have a permanent location in the Imagination Pavilion

Winnie the Pooh is returning to the UK Pavilion

Sadly, even though a lot of characters are moving to new areas, it looks like September 8th may be the end of the line for Joy, Sadness and Baymax, who have not been relocated yet.




Mickey和Goofy將在Innoventions West暫時會面,但將在Imagination Pavilion擁有一個永久性的位置



Temporary Starbucks location coming to the Epcot Experience Center 臨時星巴克的位置來到Epcot體驗中心

Construction has already begun inside the former Odyssey building which is turning into the Epcot Experience Center, opening this fall. And it looks like Disney will be using the quick service counter space inside this location as a pop-up Starbucks for guests who are looking to get their premium coffee fix while Epcot is undergoing its transformation.

前Odyssey大樓內已經開始施工,該大樓將於今年秋季開放進入Epcot體驗中心。 看起來迪士尼將使用這個位置內的快速服務櫃檯空間作為彈出式星巴克,以便那些希望在Epcot正在進行改造時獲得高級咖啡修復的客人。

The Future of MouseGear |MouseGear的未來

Though in the original concept art the MouseGear building is missing, it looks like Disney is doing something a little different with this structure, closing it for an extensive refurbishment later this year. While this store is closed a pop-up shop at Epcot will be available for guests wanting to shop in this part of Future World. There is no current timeframe for the refurbishment, but it is expected to last quite a while and include an extensive overhaul of the inside of the shop.

Though there are definitely a lot of closures happening right now at Epcot, there are a lot of new things opening at the same time as well, with Disney really ramping up their plans for this park’s reinvention as we move closer to the 2021 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

儘管在最初的概念藝術中,MouseGear建築物缺失了,但看起來迪士尼正在採用與這種結構略有不同的東西,將其關閉以便在今年晚些時候進行大規模整修。 雖然這家商店已關閉,但Epcot的一家彈出式商店將為想要在未來世界的這一部分購物的客人提供服務。 目前沒有翻新的時間表,但預計會持續一段時間,包括對店內進行大規模的大修。

雖然現在Epcot肯定會發生很多關閉事件,但同時也有很多新事物在開放,隨著我們接近2021年50週年紀念日,迪士尼真正加大了對這個公園改造的計劃。 華特迪士尼世界。




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