Construction company Bouygues Bâtiment International has built Clement Canopy, a pair of 140-metre-high towers made of prefabricated concrete modules.

Bouygues Bâtiment International claims the development in Singapore has set a new record for the tallest modular tower.

Previously the title had been held by George Street, a 135-metre tower built in Croydon, England, by Tide Construction. The first high-rise modular tower was built in New York in 2016 by SHoP architects.

建築公司BouyguesBâtimentInternational建造了Clement Canopy,這是一座由預製混凝土模塊製成的140米高的塔樓。


此前,該標題由喬治街(Tate Construction)在英國克羅伊登(Croydon)建造的一座135米高的塔樓舉行。 第一座高層模塊化塔樓於2016年由SHoP建築師在紐約建造。

Clement Canopy’s 1,899 prefabricated and pre-finished modules were built off-site.

The module’s structures are cast from concrete in a yard in Senai, Malaysia, then a factory in Tuas, west Singapore, carries out the fit-out to a nearly finished stage.

Clement Canopy的1,899個預製和預製模塊是在現場建造的。


“Each module is around 85 per cent finished off-site, before then being assembled onsite,” Bouygues Bâtiment International’s head of modular construction Aurélie Cleraux told .

“This includes, for example, the painting, windows frame and glazing, doors, wardrobes and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) including water and sanitary pipes, electrical conduits and ducting, which are all totally finished before the modules arrives on site.”



Clement Canopy’s concrete core was built at the same time as the modules were stacked and installed, in a carefully choreographed sequence.

“This method is definitely more eco-friendly,” added Cleraux. “We were able to reduce waste onsite by 70 per cent and offsite around 30 per cent with a central materials and logistics platform.”

Clement Canopy的混凝土核心是在模塊堆疊和安裝的同時建造的,採用精心編排的順序。

“這種方法絕對更環保,”Cleraux補充道。 “通過中央材料和物流平台,我們能夠將現場廢物減少70%,異地減少約30%。”

Modular projects can be even more sustainable, Cleraux added, if materials like timber are used instead of concrete.

The towers’ facades are made from rendered and painted concrete, with aluminium window frames.

Clement Canopy houses 505 two-, three- and four-bed apartments, with a swimming pool complex at the base.



Clement Canopy酒店擁有505間雙人,三人和四人公寓,底部設有游泳池。

Prefabricated modular housing projects are a way of building lots of new homes quickly in crowded urban areas. Metropolitan Workshop has built a 27-storey modular tower in London, and IKEA is bringing its modular housing system to England.

In Warsaw, architecture studio BBGK is bringing some of the first prefabricated housing to Poland since the Soviet era.

預製模塊化住宅項目是在擁擠的城市地區快速建造大量新住宅的一種方式。 Metropolitan Workshop在倫敦建造了一座27層高的模塊化塔樓,宜家正在將其模塊化住宅系統帶到英國。




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