Pacific Fair Shopping Centre 太平洋購物中心

Pacific Fair is a major shopping centre in Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was Queensland’s largest regional shopping centre until 2006.

Pacific Fair was developed by Hooker Retail Developments and opened in 1977 on what was swampland with 96 specialty stores and two anchor tenants. Since then, Pacific Fair has undergone numerous expansions and has grown to have more than 400 specialty stores and four anchor tenants. In January 2014, work began on a major redevelopment project to meet the predicted regional growth on the Gold Coast.

Prior to the redevelopment, the shopping centre had four main major stores including a four-level Myer, Kmart, Target, Coles and Toys ‘R’ Us. Daimaru operated in the centre before its Australian withdrawal, albeit briefly. It also had a 12-screen Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema (re-opened as Event Cinemas in late 2015).

Pacific Fair is a major public transport interchange on the Gold Coast, serviced by Surfside Buslines, and the Broadbeach South G:Link station located not far from the shopping centre. Nearby is The Star Gold Coast and Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. Pacific Fair fronts Little Tallebudgera Creek and is the southern end of the Surfers Riverwalk.

This shopping centre was featured on the third season of The Mole.

太平洋博覽會是澳大利亞昆士蘭州黃金海岸Broadbeach Waters的主要購物中心。它是昆士蘭州最大的區域購物中心,直到2006年。

太平洋博覽會由胡克零售業發展有限公司(Hooker Retail Developments)開發,於1977年開業,其中包括96家專賣店和兩家主力租戶。從那時起,太平洋博覽會經歷了多次擴張,並已發展到擁有400多家專賣店和四家主力租戶。 2014年1月,一項重大的重建項目開始工作,以滿足黃金海岸預計的區域增長。

在重建之前,購物中心有四個主要的主要商店,包括四層Myer,Kmart,Target,Coles和Toys’R’Us。大丸在澳大利亞退出之前在中心運營,雖然是短暫的。它還擁有12屏幕的Birch Carroll和Coyle Cinema(2015年底重新開放為Event Cinemas)。

太平洋博覽會是黃金海岸的主要公共交通交匯處,由Surfside Buslines提供服務,Broadbeach South G:Link站距離購物中心不遠。附近是星際黃金海岸和黃金海岸會展中心。 Pacific Fair前面是Little Tallebudgera Creek,是Surfers Riverwalk的南端。

這個購物中心是The Mole第三季的特色。

Location:Gold Coast, Australia
Coordinates:28.036683°S 153.427495°ECoordinates: 28.036683°S 153.427495°E
Opening date:1977
Developer:AMP Capital
Management:AMP Capital Shopping Centres
Owner:AMP Capital
No. of stores and services over: 400
No. of anchor tenants: 9
Total retail floor area:155,000 m2 (38 acres) (approx)
No. of floors:2
Parking:approx 6,500 (February 2017)

坐標:28.036683°S 153.427495°ECoordinates:28.036683°S 153.427495°E
開發者:AMP Capital
管理:AMP Capital購物中心
所有者:AMP Capital

Work commenced in January 2014 on redeveloping and re-branding Pacific Fair. The development, costing $670 million, will allow for 120 new specialty stores including a new David Jones store that will span two levels and cover 14,500 m2 (156,000 sq ft), an enlarged and relocated Target, a relocated Coles and new Woolworths as well as a brand new Big W.

The expansion will include an outdoor leisure and entertainment precinct and increase the number of specialty stores to more than 400. In November 2014, the first stage of the re-development was completed with the re-opening of the north-east mall, with a new and enlarged Target, and a new JB Hi Fi store. A section of the new south-west mall opened in June 2015, introducing an enlarged Coles Supermarket and a number of specialty stores. More of the new south-west mall opened in August 2015, bringing in a new Woolworths Supermarket, new Big W, Fresh Food Market and more than 40 specialty stores. In November 2015, Event Cinemas reopened with three Gold Class cinemas and one VMax theatre and in late November, Pacific Fair opened The Patio, a casual dining precinct. In May 2016 the ‘Resort Area’ opened along with an extended mall section bringing in a range a two-level David Jones and a number of international brands such as H&M and Uniqlo.

2014年1月開始進行太平洋博覽會重建和品牌重塑工作。耗資6.7億美元的開發項目將允許120家新的專賣店,包括一個新的David Jones商店,將跨越兩個層次,佔地14,500平方米(156,000平方英尺),一個擴大和重新安置的目標,一個重新安置的Coles和新的Woolworths以及一個全新的大W.

擴建將包括一個戶外休閒娛樂區,並將專賣店數量增加到400多個。2014年11月,重新開發的第一階段已經完成,東北商場重新開放,新的和擴大的Target,以及一個新的JB Hi Fi商店。新西南商場的一部分於2015年6月開業,引入了擴大的Coles超市和一些專賣店。新的西南商場於2015年8月開業,引入了新的Woolworths超市,新的Big W,生鮮食品市場和40多家專賣店。 2015年11月,Event Cinemas重新開放了三家金級電影院和一家VMax劇院。11月下旬,太平洋博覽會開設了休閒餐飲區The Patio。 2016年5月,“度假區”開設了一個擴展的購物中心區域,帶來了兩個級別的David Jones以及H&M和優衣庫等多個國際品牌。


FROM:New Pacific Fair Broadbeach Gold Coast

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