OMA New York is turning a historic post office in Houston, Texas into a complex featuring arts and music venues, workspaces and “one of the world’s largest rooftop parks and farms”.

The New York outpost of architecture firm OMA plans to overhaul the city’s Barbara Jordan Post Office at 401 Franklin Street into a mixed-use venue for arts. Called POST, the new complex will feature arts and music venues, entertainment spaces, creative workspaces, dining and shops.

Designed for private realty company Lovett Commercial, the transformation aims to preserve as much of the 550,000square-foot (51,096-square metre) building as possible, which was used by the US government from 1936 up until 2014.


建築公司OMA的紐約前哨計劃將位於富蘭克林街401號的城市芭芭拉喬丹郵局改建為綜合性藝術場所。 這個名為POST的新綜合體將包括藝術和音樂場所,娛樂空間,創意工作空間,餐廳和商店。

該項目旨在為私人房地產公司Lovett Commercial設計,旨在盡可能保留550,000平方英尺(51,096平方米)的建築,該建築於1936年至2014年由美國政府使用。

“In a city that is constantly reinventing itself, it is incredible to have an opportunity to transform a building of such solidity and sheer scale,” said OMA partner Jason Long in a project statement.

“Lovett’s vision to preserve this structure from Houston’s past allowed us to design a multi-layered, interconnected platform for the city’s cultural and commercial future,” he added.

A key feature is the overhaul of the building’s rooftop into a garden and sustainable organic urban farm, called Skylawn. Billed as one of the “world’s largest rooftop parks and farms”, the five-acre (two-hectare) garden will provide 360-degree views of the city’s downtown skyline.

“在一個不斷重塑自我的城市中,有機會改造這樣一個如此堅固和龐大規模的建築,這是令人難以置信的,”OMA合夥人Jason Long在一份項目聲明中表示。


一個關鍵特徵是將建築的屋頂改造成花園和可持續發展的有機城市農場,稱為Skylawn。 這座佔地5英畝(2公頃)的花園被稱為“世界上最大的屋頂公園和農場”之一,可以360度全方位欣賞這座城市的市中心天際線。

Chicago landscape architect firm Hoerr Schaudt, which also designed the city’s McGovern Centennial Park, will oversee the landscaping of the rooftop, which will include dining and event venues, and a stage for events.

There will also be allotments for growing food so the property’s eateries can offer a rooftop-to-table experience.

It will become one of the “world’s largest rooftop parks and farms”, according to the firm, and will provide 360-degree views of the city’s downtown skyline.

芝加哥景觀設計師公司Hoerr Schaudt也設計了該市的麥戈文百年紀念公園,將監督屋頂的景觀,包括餐飲和活動場所,以及活動舞台。



OMA’s main intervention will be to break up the sprawling warehouse with four atriums, which the firm likes to huge rake markings in the building’s structure. The atriums will form the central open area to the four different segments inside POST: culture, food, work and play.

The openings will be topped with transparent ETFE – a kind of fluorine-based plastic – to bring in plenty of natural light. OMA has also created different staircase designs to lead up each opening and provide access to the rooftop park and farm.

OMA的主要干預措施是打破四個中庭的龐大倉庫,該公司喜歡在建築結構中使用巨大的耙子標記。 中庭將形成中央開放區域,通往POST內的四個不同部分:文化,食物,工作和娛樂。

開口處將覆蓋透明的ETFE(一種氟基塑料),帶來充足的自然光。 OMA還創建了不同的樓梯設計,引領每個開口,並提供通往屋頂公園和農場的通道。

OMA and Lovett Commercial intend the project’s diverse offerings to boost the surrounding downtown area.

POST, which is located in the historic Theatre District, will comprise a mix of open spaces and galleries for art installations, and venues for performing arts to connect with surrounding activities.

It will also include offices and flexible co-working spaces and a collaborative maker’s space, which are designed to connect with Houston’s future four-mile-long tech hub Innovation Corridor.

Eateries, coffee shops and retail spaces are among the other facilities.

OMA和Lovett Commercial打算通過該項目的多樣化產品來推動周邊市區的發展。




The development of POST began in 2018 and is expected for completion in 2020.

Led by architect Shohei Shigematsu and Jason Long, OMA’s New York outpost has also recently revealed plans to add an angular extension to the SANAA-designed New Museum in New York.

Its other recent projects include the renovation of Sotheby’s galleries in the city and a black Manhattan apartment building, which marks OMA’s first ground-up structure in the city.

Renderings are by OMA and Luxigon.


在建築師Shohei Shigematsu和Jason Long的帶領下,OMA的紐約前哨也最近公佈了計劃為紐約SANAA設計的新博物館添加一個有角度的擴展。





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