Joshua Tree Residence 約書亞樹住宅

An office comprising a cluster of angled shipping containers, proposed for a site in Germany by James Whitaker but never realised, is now being built as a home in the California desert.

Photo-realistic renderings of the proposed home by the London-based designer show a cluster of white cargo containers emerging like a starburst from a rocky site.

一個辦公室包括一組有角度的集裝箱,由詹姆斯·惠特克(James Whitaker)在德國建造,但從未實現,現在正在加利福尼亞沙漠中建造。


The film producer ended up hiring Whitaker to create a holiday dwelling for his remote property dotted with orange-hued boulders and scraggly plants. The home will be situated on a sloped site, in a gully formed over the years by stormwater.

電影製片人最終聘請惠特克為他的偏遠地產創造了一個假日住宅,點綴著橙色的巨石和邋sc的植物。 住宅將位於一個傾斜的地方,多年來由雨水形成的溝壑。

Whitaker has envisioned an “exoskeleton” made of shipping containers painted bright white. The containers appear like a starburst, with cuboid forms pushing out in all directions. The home will be lifted off the ground by concrete columns.

惠特克設想了一個“外骨骼”,由運輸容器塗成亮白色。 容器看起來像一個星暴,長方體形狀向四面八方推出。 用混凝土柱將房屋抬離地面。

Encompassing 2,153 square feet (200 square metres), the dwelling will contain a living room, kitchen, dining area and three bedrooms. Renderings show a stark interior with concrete flooring, white walls and minimal decor, including furniture made of plywood and Misfits seating by Ron Arad. Whitaker formerly worked in Arad’s studio in London.

住宅面積為2,153平方英尺(200平方米),包括一間起居室,廚房,用餐區和三間臥室。 Renderings展示了一個鮮明的內飾,混凝土地板,白色牆壁和最小的裝飾,包括由膠合板製成的家具和Ron Arad的Misfits座椅。 惠特克曾在倫敦的Arad工作室工作。

The home is intended to offer a connection to the sun-baked landscape, while concurrently providing a sense of protection and privacy. Square windows frame views of the blue sky and rugged terrain. In some areas, faceted ceilings give the effect of being inside a crystalline form.

該住宅旨在提供與陽光烘烤景觀的連接,同時提供保護和隱私感。 方形窗框可以看到藍天和崎嶇的地形。 在某些區域,切面天花板具有結晶形狀的效果。

Just off the home is a carport with a canopy of solar panels, which will generate electricity for the dwelling. The scheme also includes a large wooden deck that merges with the rocky hillside.

“The client was keen for a hot tub to be included, and so we configured the outdoor space to have a degree of privacy and be sheltered from the desert winds,” the designer said.

離家不遠的是一個車庫,裡面有太陽能電池板,可以為住宅供電。 該計劃還包括一個與岩石山坡融為一體的大型木甲板。


Albert Taylor, a cofounder of the London-based engineering firm AKT II, has helped provide structural input during concept development.

Whitaker’s initial design for Hechingen Studio, an office building he conceived for an advertising agency in Germany in 2015, will be exhibited this fall at the National Maritime Museum of Australia.

Albert Taylor是倫敦工程公司AKT II的聯合創始人,在概念開發過程中幫助提供結構性投入。



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