Earlier last week, Just Disney ran across an absolutely astonishing concept on an old favorite married to Pixar’s Coco. The creative team over at Parkineer designed a jaw-dropping overlay that very well could work in place of Gran Fiesta Tour currently presiding inside The Mexico Pavilion in Epcot.

Over the years, even after the addition to new animatronics, Gran Fiesta hasn’t held it’s weight in crowd control. When it isn’t a holiday weekend, Gran Fiesta sees minimal waits and most boats float half full if not empty all together. The overlay would use the existing boats and ride layout minimizing construction costs and permits as this retrofit would just need set pieces implicated into the show building.

上週早些時候,Just Disney遇到了一個絕對令人驚訝的概念,一個與Pixar的Coco結婚的老人。 Parkineer的創意團隊設計了一個令人驚嘆的覆蓋層,非常適合代替目前在Epcot墨西哥館內舉辦的Gran Fiesta Tour。

多年來,即使添加了新的電子動畫,Gran Fiesta也沒有在人群控制方面保持它的重量。 如果不是假期週末,Gran Fiesta會看到最小的等待,如果不是空的話,大多數船隻會半滿。 覆蓋層將使用現有的船隻和乘坐佈局,最小化建築成本和許可證,因為這種改造僅需要與展示建築物相關的固定件。

As the boats round the first bend in front of where the Mayan Temple currently is you will see Santa Cecilia, Mexico where Miguel lives. Decorated with memorials and ‘Day of the Dead’ tributes you will be encompassed in the atmosphere from the movie with a subtle acoustic guitar version of “Remember Me” playing in the background as you make your way towards the Santa Cecilia Cemetery.

當船在瑪雅神廟目前所在的第一個彎道附近時,您將看到墨西哥聖塞西莉亞,米格爾居住的地方。 裝飾著紀念碑和“死亡之日”的致敬,您將被電影中的氣氛所包圍,當您前往聖塞西莉亞公墓時,在背景中播放微妙的原聲吉他版“記住我”。

Rounding the corner, heading towards Ernesto Dela Cruz’s Tomb, you will be surrounded by silouhette’s and a few audio animatronics paying tribute to their loved ones. It is important to note that the tomb is replacing the entrance to the old Mayan temple.

轉過拐角,前往Ernesto Dela Cruz的墓地,您將被silouhette和一些音頻電子動畫包圍,向他們的親人致敬。 值得注意的是,墳墓正在取代舊瑪雅神廟的入口。

Following the entrance to the tomb is the Flower Bridge which, using projection mapping and forced perspective, will illuminate the boat and the surrounding scenes pushing the boat over the bridge and over to the City of Dead. The water would glow orange, and flowers would be falling from the walls using state of the art mapping to make it look like you were encompassed by the orange petals.

在墳墓入口之後是花橋,它使用投影映射和強制透視,將照亮船和周圍的場景,將船推過橋,然後到達死亡之城。 水會變成橙色,使用最先進的繪圖將花朵從牆壁上掉下來,使它看起來像是被橙色花瓣所包圍。

Once inside the City of Dead, which would be the “Small World Room” you would be surrounded by skeletons and characters from the movie.


The finale would be Hector and Miguel on stage singing “Remember Me” as you round the corner and make your way towards the unload. Watch their video below!

最後的結局將是Hector和Miguel在舞台上唱著“記住我”,當你轉過拐角然後走向卸載時。 觀看下面的視頻!

FROM:We created an Amazing Coco Ride Concept



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