The Royal Institute of British Architects has named the 54 winners of its national awards, including the V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma, Heatherwick’s Coal Drops Yard and Peter Zumthor’s Secular Retreat.

Presented since 1966, the RIBA National Awards is an annual architecture prize that celebrates the best buildings built in the UK.

Winning projects range from public buildings in the Britain’s major cities, like the V&A Dundee by Kengo Kuma, through to small-scale private buildings in remote locations, like Peter Zumthor’s Secular Retreat.

“Despite the political and economic challenges of recent years, our 2019 RIBA National Award winners show that UK architecture is highly adaptable, immensely talented and as community-focused as ever,” said RIBA President Ben Derbyshire.

皇家英國建築師協會已經為其全國獎項的54位獲獎者命名,其中包括Kengo Kuma的V&A Dundee,Heatherwick的Coal Drops Yard和Peter Zumthor的Secular Retreat。


獲獎項目包括英國主要城市的公共建築,如Kengo Kuma的V&A Dundee,以及偏遠地區的小型私人建築,如Peter Zumthor的Secular Retreat。

“儘管近年來出現了政治和經濟挑戰,但我們的2019年RIBA國家獎獲獎者表明,英國建築具有高適應性,極具天賦和社區關注度,”RIBA總裁Ben Derbyshire說。

This year, Derbyshire praised the number of winning projects that involved the revival of historic structures, including John Puttick Associates and Cassidy+Ashton’s refurbishment of a listed 1960s bus station and Haworth Tompkins overhaul of Bristol Old Vic.

The new tower at Westminster Abbey by Ptolemy Dean Architects was also acknowledged, alongside Collective Architecture’s transformation of a former observatory in Edinburgh into a contemporary art centre.

“I am particularly heartened that more than one third of our winners have creatively adapted existing buildings,” said Derbyshire. “Given the scale of the global environmental challenge, we must encourage sustainable development and investment in buildings of the highest quality – projects that will inspire and meet the needs of generations to come.”

今年,德比郡讚揚了參與歷史建築復興的獲獎項目數量,其中包括John Puttick Associates和Cassidy + Ashton對20世紀60年代上市的公交車站以及Haworth Tompkins大修布里斯托爾老維克的翻新工程。


“我特別感到鼓舞的是,超過三分之一的獲獎者創造性地改編了現有建築,”德比郡說。 “鑑於全球環境挑戰的規模,我們必須鼓勵可持續發展和對最高質量建築的投資 – 這些項目將激勵和滿足後代的需求。”

Sixteen of the winning projects this year were cultural buildings, which RIBA says is a clear demonstration of the current “ambition to create high quality cultural destinations”.

Alongside the V&A Dundee, this included The Weston by Feilden Fowles at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Jamie Fobert Architects’ extension of a former house in Cambridge to create the Kettle’s Yard art gallery.


除了V&A Dundee之外,其中包括約克郡雕塑公園的Feilden Fowles的Weston,以及Jamie Fobert Architects在劍橋的一所舊房子的延伸,以創建Kettle’s Yard藝術畫廊。

RIBA also celebrated the inclusion of several sustainable housing schemes, including Goldsmith Street by Mikhail Riches, Metropolitan Workshop’s Mapleton Crescent and Cambridge’s first co-housing community, designed by Mole Architects.”At a time when the country is crying out for innovative, high-quality affordable housing, I am pleased we have been able to recognise some exemplar schemes,” said Derbyshire.

“I encourage all local authorities and developers to look to these projects for inspiration and rise to the challenge of building the homes people want and need.”

RIBA還慶祝包括幾個可持續住房計劃,包括Mikhail Riches的Goldsmith Street,Metropolitan Workshop的Mapleton Crescent和劍橋的第一個共同住房社區,由Mole Architects設計。“在這個國家迫切需要創新,高 高質量的經濟適用房,我很高興我們能夠認識到一些樣本計劃,“德比郡說。


Also among this year’s winners was Hampshire House by Niall McLaughlin Architects and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’s Scottish distillery that is characterised by an undulating wildflower roof.

In London, Heatherwick Studio’s Coal Drop’s Yard was another winner, alongside Amin Taha’s distorted replica of 19th-century London terrace block and Grimshaw’s refurbishment of London Bridge station.

今年的獲獎者還有Niall McLaughlin建築事務所的Hampshire House和Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners的蘇格蘭釀酒廠,其特點是起伏的野花屋頂。

在倫敦,Heatherwick Studio的Coal Drop’s Yard是另一個贏家,與Amin Taha歪曲的19世紀倫敦露台街區復製品和Grimshaw對倫敦橋站的翻新。

“Our 2019 RIBA National Award-winning buildings are innovators and mould-breakers – congratulations to every client, architect and construction team for their combined talent and tenacity,” concluded Derbyshire.

No matter the client or the budget, the awards aim to highlight the best that British architecture has to offer. It is from this list that the shortlist for the 2018 RIBA Stirling Prize will be drawn and announced next month.

Scroll down for the full list of winners of the RIBA National Awards 2019:

“我們的2019年RIBA國家獲獎建築是創新者和模具破壞者 – 祝賀每位客戶,建築師和施工團隊的人才和堅韌,”Derbyshire總結道。

無論客戶還是預算,獎項都旨在突出英國建築所能提供的最佳服務。 從這份名單中可以看出2018年RIBA斯特林獎的候選名單將於下個月公佈。


› 168 Upper Street, London, England, by Groupwork
› 4 Pancras Square, London, England, by Eric Parry Architects
› A Restorative Rural Retreat for Sartfell, Isle of Man, by Foster Lomas
› Alexandra Palace, London, England, by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
› Battersea Arts Centre, London, England, by Haworth Tompkins
› Brentford Lock West Keelson Gardens, London, England by Mæ with White Ink Architects
› Bristol Old Vic, Bristol, England, by Haworth Tompkins
› Coal Drops Yard, London, England, by Heatherwick Studio with BAM Design
› Collective on Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland, by Collective Architecture
› Cork House, Berkshire, England, by MPH Architects
› Colin Connect Transport Hub and Colin Town Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland, by Hall McKnight

> 4英國倫敦Pancras廣場,Eric Parry建築事務所
>英國倫敦的亞歷山德拉宮,由Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios創作
> Haworth Tompkins,英國倫敦巴特西藝術中心
>Mæ與White Ink Architects在英國倫敦的Brentford Lock West Keelson Gardens
>布里斯托爾老維克,布里斯托爾,英格蘭,Haworth Tompkins
> Heatherwick工作室與BAM Design合作,在英國倫敦開採煤礦
> Collective Architecture在蘇格蘭愛丁堡的Calton Hill集體
>英國伯克郡的Cork House,MPH Architects
> Hall McKnight的Colin Connect Transport Hub和北愛爾蘭貝爾法斯特的科林城市廣場

› Eddington Masterplan, Cambridge, England, by AECOM
› Eddington, Lot 1, Cambridge, England, by WilkinsonEyre with Mole Architects
› Eleanor Palmer Science Lab, London, England, by AY Architects
› Goldsmith Street, Norwich, England, by Mikhail Riches
› Great Arthur House, London, England, by John Robertson Architects
› Hackney Wick Station, London, England, by Landolt + Brown
› Hampshire House, Hampshire, England by Niall McLaughlin Architects
› Hill House Passivhaus, East Sussex, England, by Meloy Architects

> Eddington,Lot 1,劍橋,英格蘭,WilkinsonEyre和Mole Architects
>英國倫敦的埃莉諾帕爾默科學實驗室,由AY Architects提供
>米歇爾·里奇(Mikhail Riches),英格蘭諾里奇的戈德史密斯街(Goldsmith Street)
>英國倫敦的Great Arthur House,John Robertson Architects
> Landney + Brown,英國倫敦的Hackney Wick Station
> Nmpl McLaughlin建築事務所設在英國漢普郡的Hampshire House
>英國東薩塞克斯郡的Hill House Passivhaus,由Meloy Architects設計

› House Lessans, Saintfield, Northern Ireland, by McGonigle McGrath
› Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, England, by Jamie Fobert Architects
› Kingswood Preparatory School and Nursery, Bath, England, by Stonewood Design
› LAMDA, London, England, by Niall McLaughlin Architects
› London Bridge Station, London, England, by Grimshaw
› Mackintosh at the Willow, Glasgow, Scotland, by Simpson & Brown
› Mapleton Crescent, London, England, by Metropolitan Workshop
› Marmalade Lane Cohousing, Cambridge, England, by Mole Architects
› Merano, London, England, by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners with EPR

House Lessans,Saintfield,Northern Ireland,作者:McGonigle McGrath
> Jamie Fobert Architects的英國劍橋Kettle’s Yard
> Stonewood Design的Kingswood預科學校和托兒所,英國巴斯
> LALDA,英國倫敦,Niall McLaughlin建築事務所
> Mapleton Crescent,倫敦,英格蘭,由Metropolitan Workshop
> Mole Architects的英國劍橋Marmalade Lane Cohousing
> Merano,倫敦,英格蘭,Rogers Stirk Harbour +與EPR合作

› Music School, King’s College School Wimbledon, London, England, by Hopkins Architects
› Nevill Holt Opera, Leicestershire, England, by Witherford Watson Mann Architects
› Nithurst Farm, West Sussex, England, by Adam Richards Architects
› North West Cambridge Utility Buildings, Cambridge, England, by Robin Lee Architecture
› Ordsall Chord, Manchester, England, by BDP
› Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre, Cambridge, England, by Haworth Tompkins
› Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery, London, England, by Jestico + Whiles with Julian Harrap Architects
› Preston Bus Station Refurbishment, Preston, England, by John Puttick Associates with Cassidy+Ashton
› Royal Opera House Open Up, London, England, by Stanton Williams
› Secular Retreat, Devon, England, by Atelier Peter Zumthor with Mole Architects
› Sevenoaks School Science and Technology Centre and Global Study Centre, Sevenoaks, England, by Tim Ronalds Architects

>英國萊斯特郡內維爾霍爾特歌劇院,Witherford Watson Mann建築師事務所
>英國西薩塞克斯郡的Nithurst農場,Adam Richards Architects
>英國劍橋西北劍橋公用事業大樓,Robin Lee Architecture
>英國曼徹斯特的Ordsall Chord,BDP
> Haworth Tompkins在英國劍橋的Peter Hall表演藝術中心
> Pitzhanger莊園和畫廊,英國倫敦,由Jestico + Whiles與Julian Harrap建築事務所合作
> Preston Bus Station Refurbishment,Preston,England,John Puttick Associates與Cassidy + Ashton合作
>英國德文郡的Secular Retreat,由Atelier Peter Zumthor和Mole Architects共同完成
>英國Sevenoaks的Sevenoaks學校科學技術中心和全球學習中心,Tim Ronalds Architects

› Signal Townhouses, London, England, by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
› Simon Sainsbury Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge, England, by Stanton Williams
› South London Gallery Fire Station, London, England, by 6a Architects
› Southbank Centre, London, England, by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios with Archer Humphryes Architects
› Teaching and Learning Building, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England, by Make Architects
› Television Centre, London, England, by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris with MacCreanor Lavington, Morris+Company, dRMM, Mikhail Riches, Piercy+Co, Haptic, Archer Humphreys and Coffey Architects
› The Beecroft Building, University of Oxford, Oxford, England by Hawkins\Brown

信號聯排別墅,倫敦,英格蘭,由Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
>英國倫敦南倫敦畫廊消防局,由6a Architects設計
>英國倫敦南岸中心,由Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios和Archer Humphryes Architects合作
>英國諾丁漢大學教學與建築學院,由Make Architects設計
>英國倫敦電視中心,Allford Hall Monaghan Morris與MacCreanor Lavington,Morris + Company,dRMM,Mikhail Riches,Piercy + Co,Haptic,Archer Humphreys和Coffey Architects
> Hawkins \ Brown,英國牛津大學牛津大學Beecroft大樓

› The Dorothy Garrod Building, Newnham College, Cambridge, England, by Walters & Cohen Architects
› The Macallan Distillery, Aberlour, Scotland, by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
› The Painted Hall, London, England, by Hugh Broughton Architects with Martin Ashley Architects
› The Queens Diamond Jubilee Galleries, London, England, by MUMA LLP
› The Weston, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Yorkshire, England, by Feilden Fowles Architects
› V&A Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, by Kengo Kuma & Associates with Architects and James F Stephen Architects
› Westminster Abbey Triforium Project, London, England, by Ptolemy Dean Architects
› Writ in Water, Surrey, England, by Studio Octopi

Walters&Cohen Architects的英國劍橋Newnham學院Dorothy Garrod大樓
>位於蘇格蘭Aberlour的Macallan Distillery,由Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners提供
>英國倫敦的彩繪大廳,休·布勞頓建築師事務所和Martin Ashley建築師事務所
> MUMA LLP的Queens Diamond Jubilee Galleries,英國倫敦
>英國西約克郡約克郡雕塑公園威斯頓,由Feilden Fowles Architects設計
> V&A Dundee,Dundee,蘇格蘭,Kengo Kuma&Associates與 Architects和James F Stephen Architects
> Studio Octopi在英國薩里的水中寫作



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