Foster + Partners has completed stations in Saudi Arabian cities Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City, connected by the 280-mile Haramain high-speed rail line.

The stations, “conceived as gateways to each city”, are designed to offer a unified appearance to between 60 million and 135 million passengers anticipated to use the high-speed line each year.

“We have designed all four stations, resulting in a consistent approach and intuitive wayfinding strategy throughout the network,” said Angus Campbell, senior partner at Foster + Partners.

Foster + Partners已經完成了沙特阿拉伯城市麥加,麥地那,吉達和阿卜杜拉國王經濟城的車站,這些城市由280英里的哈拉曼高速鐵路線連接。


“我們設計了所有四個工作站,在整個網絡中實現了一致的方法和直觀的尋路策略,”Foster + Partners高級合夥人Angus Campbell說。

All four of the stations, which can handle up to 20,000 passengers an hour, have been built using the same modular system.

They are all covered by flexible vaulted roofs supported by grids of steel columns – described by the practice as structural trees.


它們都被由鋼柱網格支撐的柔性拱形屋頂覆蓋 – 實踐中描述為結構樹。

The modular system meant that each station could be designed to fit its site, and that in the future the grid can be extended to increase capacity.

“The stations are based on a common 27-metre-square module containing the roof, concourse and platform, which is flexible enough to be reconfigured for both through and terminus stations, while also making it possible to extend the stations in response to changing passenger requirements,” continued Campbell.


“這些車站基於一個27平方米的普通模塊,包含車頂,大廳和平台,足夠靈活,可以通過車站和終點站進行重新配置,同時還可以根據乘客的變化擴展車站 要求,“坎貝爾繼續道。

The buildings are designed to be shaded areas that can provide a respite from the country’s heat. Small openings within the building’s roof and its walls allow controlled amounts of light into the stations.

All of the stations have been designed so that they maintain low ambient temperatures without the need for using mechanical cooling. Large fans and misting devices have also been installed on the platforms to keep this area cool.

這些建築被設計成陰影區域,可以緩解該國的炎熱。 建築物屋頂及其牆壁內的小開口可以控制進入車站的光量。

所有工作站的設計都使其能夠保持較低的環境溫度,而無需使用機械冷卻。 平台上還安裝了大型風扇和霧化設備,以保持該區域的涼爽。

Between the station’s vaults, which are a different colour in each of the cities, large circular chandeliers provide light and are intended to “accentuate the rhythm of the structure”.

“The designs of the new stations focus on passenger comfort, while building on the sense of excitement and wonder that is inextricably linked to the idea of travel,” added Luke Fox, head of studio at Foster + Partners.


“新車站的設計注重乘客的舒適度,同時建立在與旅行理念密不可分的興奮感和奇蹟之上,”Foster + Partners工作室負責人Luke Fox補充說。

The Haramain high-speed rail line now links the Muslim holy cities of Medina and Mecca, via the coastal cities of Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City. The 280-mile journey between the two holy cities now takes two hours and 20 minutes, with trains running at a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour.

哈拉曼高速鐵路現在通過沿海城市吉達和阿卜杜拉國王經濟城連接穆斯林聖城麥地那和麥加。 兩個聖城之間的280英里之旅現在需要2小時20分鐘,列車以每小時200英里的最高速度運行。



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