Date: 2019.11.03-2019.11.05
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizer: Shanghai Reina Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Exhibition introduction
Welcome to the “2019 Shenzhen International Amusement Equipment Exhibition” will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 3-5, 2019. The enterprises that gather all kinds of amusement equipment are displayed on the same platform, which conforms to the development trend of the industry, and also facilitates the all-round and deep-level trade negotiations between the supply and demand sides. It will surely attract riders and professional buyers from all over the world. They come from major shopping parks, water parks, indoor parks, attractions, real estate developers, cultural tourism resorts, museums, aquariums and government procurement departments to visit and negotiate orders, so that amusement facilities and equipment companies are in a more Competing for each other in a comprehensive and more competitive display platform.


Market background
In recent years, along with the continuous development of China’s amusement industry, the development status of the amusement equipment industry has been continuously improved from design to manufacturing. Of course, it must also be acknowledged that the amusement equipment manufacturing industry is still a developing emerging industry, and it faces many challenges and pressures, but it also means that with the improvement of people’s quality of life and the growth of consumption levels in the future, the amusement equipment industry It will be an industry of great value, influence and market potential.
With the gradual enthusiasm of the Chinese children’s play industry, all the ideas for children are occupying an increasingly important position in the hearts of parents. The children’s play system integrating education, puzzle, fitness and entertainment has become a hot spot for investment. With the increasing domestic consumption level and the increasingly fierce social competition, the new generation of parents have a very strong willingness to spend on training the next generation. No matter from the current situation or the future development trend, the children’s play industry has great growth. space.
To build a platform for publicity, display and cooperation and a good marketing channel for enterprises that can better provide children’s play facilities at home and abroad. The “2019 Shenzhen International Amusement Equipment Exhibition” will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 3 to 5, 2019. The exhibition will be a good opportunity for domestic and foreign children’s amusement equipment enterprises and procurement customers to communicate and negotiate. It is mainly to help enterprises to enter the playground to provide green channels and cooperation platforms. At the same time, it also helps Chinese suppliers to provide opportunities to expand the international market and the domestic market. At that time, the person in charge of the National Amusement Park will be invited to visit, which is a purchase negotiation event that should not be missed.



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