Phoenix International Media Center 鳳凰國際媒體中心

Phoenix International Media Center locates in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park; the site area is 1.8 hectares. The total floor area of the building is 65,000m2 with a height of 55m. Apart from the media office, the broadcasting studios and the production offices, the building provides abundant of open spaces for the public to get interactive experiences, which expresses the unique operation concept of Phoenix Media. The logic of the design concept is to create an ecological environment shell embraces the Individual functional spaces as a building-in-building concept. The two independent office towers under the shell generate many shared public spaces. In the east and west parts of the shared spaces, there are continuous steps, landscape platforms, sky ramps and crossing escalators which fill the building of energetic and dynamic spaces. Furthermore, the building’s sculptural shape originates from the “Mobius Strip”. The sculptural shape provides the building a harmony relationship with the irregular direction of the existing streets, the sitting corner of the site, and the Chaoyang Park.


Architects: BIAD UFo
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Phoenix Satellite Television
Project Year: 2009-2012
Project Area: 64973 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of BIAD UFo
Rendering:Courtesy of BIAD UFoRendering

建築師:BIAD UFo
照片:由BIAD UFo提供
渲染:由BIAD UFoRendering提供

The continuous integrity and the smooth surface of the building express the topological corporate culture of the Phoenix Media. The elevation difference between the southern and northern internal spaces are able to provide quality of sunlight, ventilation and landscape view to the office towers, meanwhile avoiding glare and noises for the broadcasting room. In addition, the elevation difference also avoids blocking the sunshine to the residential building at the northern direction.

建築的連續完整性和光滑表面體現了鳳凰傳媒的拓撲企業文化。 南部和北部內部空間之間的高度差異能夠為辦公樓提供高質量的陽光,通風和景觀,同時避免廣播室的眩光和噪音。 此外,高程差也避免了遮擋北方住宅樓的陽光。

In addition, energy-saving and low-carbon concepts are also applied in the building design. Instead of setting drain pipe on the smooth surface, the rainwater will be collected by dropping naturally along the structural ribs into the collection tank which locates at the bottom of the building. After being filtered, the rain water will be recycled to water the artistic waterscape and irrigation for landscape. Other than the aesthetic value of the architectural shape, during Beijing’s windy winter time, the smooth surface and round shape also mitigate the severe street wind effects from high-rise buildings. Meanwhile, the shell also provides a climate buffer space for the functional spaces as an “Green Coat”.

此外,節能和低碳概念也適用於建築設計。 雨水不是在光滑的表面上設置排水管,而是通過沿著結構肋自然地落入位於建築物底部的收集槽中來收集雨水。 經過過濾後,雨水將被回收用於澆灌藝術水景和灌溉景觀。 除了建築形狀的美學價值外,在北京多風的冬季,光滑的表面和圓形也減輕了高層建築的嚴重街道風影響。 同時,外殼還為功能空間提供了一個氣候緩衝空間,作為“綠色外套”。

The double layer exterior of the building can improve the comfort in the functional areas, and reduce the consumption of energy. Digital technology is applied to tailor the physical space of the exterior shell and the inside volume precisely in order to ensure the exact matches between seams. The cone-shaped shared space, which is 30 meters high, generates the chimney effect, which provides natural air ventilation to save energy during transitional seasons.

建築物的雙層外部可以提高功能區域的舒適度,並減少能量消耗。 應用數字技術精確定制外殼的物理空間和內部體積,以確保接縫之間的精確匹配。 錐形共用空間高30米,產生煙囪效應,在過渡季節提供自然通風,以節省能源。


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