London hotelier Ennismore has designed an outpost of The Hoxton, including a co-working lobby space and rooftop pool, on the site of an old meatpacking facility in Chicago.

The Hoxton Chicago marks the third US outpost of The Hoxton, following others in Portland, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York.

倫敦酒店經營者Ennismore在芝加哥一家古老的肉類加工廠設計了一個The Hoxton的前哨基地,包括一個共同工作的大堂空間和屋頂游泳池。

Hoxton芝加哥是The Hoxton的第三個美國前哨基地,跟隨其他人在俄勒岡州波特蘭和紐約布魯克林。

Ennismore’s in-house design studio built the new 12-storey complex on a plot that was previously home to a former meatpacking facility in the city’s Fulton Market. It is located within the trendy downtown area West Loop, which is also home to members’ club Soho House and the Ace Hotel.

Ennismore的內部設計工作室在一塊地塊上建造了這座新的12層高的建築群,該建築曾是該市富爾頓市場(Fulton Market)前肉類加工廠的所在地。 酒店位於時尚的West Loop區,這裡也是會員俱樂部Soho House和Ace Hotel的所在地。

The Hoxton Chicago boasts the brand’s first-ever rooftop pool, wellness studio, and a two-floor lobby with a coworking space for non-guests.

Hoxton Chicago擁有該品牌首個屋頂游泳池,健康工作室和一個兩層樓的大堂,為非客人提供一個共用空間。

Ennismore shaped the 182 guest rooms with concrete ceilings and “warehouse-style” windows that allude to the area’s industrial past. Two-toned walls of white and muted rose add a subtle warmth.

Ennismore酒店為182間客房設計了混凝土天花板和“倉庫式”窗戶,暗示了該地區的工業歷史。 雙色的白色和柔和的玫瑰牆增添了微妙的溫暖。

The team infused residential comfort with mid-century furnishings, brass bed lamps, and tall leather headboards, along with custom rugs and bedding designed by Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson.

該團隊為中世紀的家具,黃銅床燈和高大的皮革床頭板以及芝加哥藝術家Cody Hudson設計的定制地毯和床上用品注入了住宅舒適感。

Ennismore Design Studio also partnered with local gallerist Anna Cerniglia of Johalla Projects to curate an array of artwork that would spotlight “the creative reach of Chicago’s art community”.

Over 350 individually-themed works of mixed media, from lithography to silkscreen, were placed throughout the property, from guest rooms to communal areas.

Ennismore Design Studio還與Johalla Projects的當地畫廊主人Anna Cerniglia合作策劃了一系列藝術作品,這些藝術作品將突出“芝加哥藝術界的創造性影響力”。


Market-sourced antiques dipped in monochromatic paint were built into “immersive maximalist installations” along the hotel’s corridors.


Public spaces were designed in collaboration with global firm AvroKO, whose projects include the The Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa. Chicago’s best-known cultural assets served as a reference for the communal areas, such as the works of the late virtuoso Edgar Miller, post-prohibition-era creativity, and vintage furniture found locally.

公共空間是與全球公司AvroKO合作設計的,其項目包括The Calistoga Motor Lodge&Spa。 芝加哥最著名的文化資產是公共區域的參考,例如已故藝術家埃德加·米勒的作品,禁止後時代的創造力以及當地發現的古董家具。

AvroKO also designed the hotel’s trio of drinking-and-dining outlets, which comprise a Mediterranean eatery, basement cocktail bar, and a rooftop Peruvian-inspired cevicheria adjacent to an outdoor pool and terrace.


The double-height lobby will host The Hoxton’s inaugural coworking concept, granting members access to 2,200 square metres of dedicated work spaces with desks, studios, and meeting areas.

雙層大堂將舉辦The Hoxton的首個聯合概念,授予會員2200平方米的專用工作空間,包括書桌,工作室和會議區。

A private event space called “The Apartment” overlooks the lobby from the mezzanine and peers onto Chicago’s elevated L-train platforms from the windows.

一個名為“The Apartment”的私人活動空間俯瞰著夾層樓的大堂,從windows.v俯瞰芝加哥的高架L火車平台。

The Hoxton Chicago doubles down on the brand’s signature “open-house policy” by designating itself as a community hub for coworking freelancers, emerging artists, and local talent.

The Chicago hotel marks the seventh location of the Hoxton enterprise, which started in London’s Shoreditch in 2006. Other properties are located in the Holborn area of London, Amsterdam, and Paris. The company next US venture is also set for Downtown Los Angeles.


芝加哥酒店標誌著Hoxton企業的第七個位置,該企業於2006年在倫敦的Shoreditch開始。其他酒店位於倫敦,阿姆斯特丹和巴黎的Holborn地區。 該公司下一個美國企業也將在洛杉磯市中心開業。



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