Brazilian firm Saito Arquitetos has reorganised an apartment set in São Paulo’s historic Conjunto Nacional building around a large wooden box.

Saito Arquitetos was enlisted to transform a couple’s flat within Conjunto Nacional, a 25-storey mixed-use building completed in 1956 by architect David Libeskind. The owners chose the 250-square-metre unit due to the modernist building’s prominent location on the city’s major thoroughfare, Paulista Avenue.

巴西公司Saito Arquitetos重組了位於聖保羅歷史悠久的Conjunto Nacional大樓內的公寓,周圍環繞著一個大木箱。

Saito Arquitetos在1958年由建築師大衛·利伯斯金(David Libeskind)完成的25層高的綜合建築Conjunto Nacional內改造了一對夫婦的公寓。 由於現代主義建築位於城市主要通道保利斯塔大道(Paulista Avenue)的顯著位置,業主選擇了250平方米的單位。

Prior to the project, the apartment was separated into a series of differently sized and rather split up rooms. The owners wanted the local firm to transform it into a more open space, better suited to their hobbies and lifestyle. Now, the home features more neatly defined public and private areas.

在項目開始之前,公寓被分成了一系列不同大小和分開的房間。 業主希望當地公司將其轉變為更加開放的空間,更適合他們的愛好和生活方式。 現在,該住宅擁有更加整潔的公共和私人區域。

Among Saito Arquitetos’ main interventions to Apartamento Apcine was the insertion of a large wooden volume to provide ample storage. It also hosts bathrooms and a laundry room inside.

Wrapping the volume is a galley-like kitchen that connects to a living area, and helps provide cross-ventilation. A dining area is situated between these two zones and features a large table and lights by Louis Poulsen.

在Saito Arquitetos對Apartamento Apcine的主要干預措施中,插入一個大木塊以提供充足的存儲空間。 內部還設有浴室和洗衣房。

包裹體積是一個廚房般的廚房,連接到生活區,並有助於提供交叉通風。 用餐區位於這兩個區域之間,設有一張大桌子和Louis Poulsen的燈光。

The owners are also keen readers, so the firm added a built-in bookcase for their large book collection. It spans the dining room and living room, with slender metal sheets forming shelves.

業主也是敏銳的讀者,所以公司為他們的大型書籍收藏增加了一個內置的書櫃。 它橫跨餐廳和起居室,細長的金屬板形成貨架。

A sitting area, divided by a concrete wall, is flooded with natural light from large, sliding glass doors.

Saito Arquitetos worked to restore existing features of Conjunto Nacional, including hollow blocks known as Cobogó bricks. It also removed a series of windows that had been added to the property in later years, that enclosed the original balconies.


Saito Arquitetos致力於恢復Conjunto Nacional的現有特徵,包括稱為Cobogó磚的空心塊。 它還刪除了一系列窗戶,這些窗戶在晚些時候被添加到了房產中,並封閉了原有的陽台。

“The project brought back the original balconies of the apartment, which had been incorporated into the interior area by the former resident by advancing the window frames outwards,” said the firm.

“The three original bedrooms became an en-suite bedroom, a guest room and a TV room,” it said. “The latter is integrated into the other social areas.”


“三間原有的臥室成了一間帶連接浴室的臥室,一間客房和一間電視室,”它說道。 “後者融入了其他社會領域。”

Glass tile floors in white and grey tones run throughout to create cohesion, while white walls provide a blank canvas for the home’s diverse furnishings.


As a nod to the building’s history, the decor combines pieces from modern designers such as Sergio Rodrigues, Oscar Niemeyer, Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Eames alongside new Brazilian makers like Estudiobola, Guilherme Wentz and Jader Almeida.

The counterpoint between the modern and the old are the couple’s Louis XV style chairs, which are part of the family’s history.

作為對建築歷史的一種認可,裝飾結合了現代設計師的作品,如Sergio Rodrigues,Oscar Niemeyer,Paulo Mendes da Rocha和Eames以及新的巴西製造商,如Estudiobola,Guilherme Wentz和Jader Almeida。


The firm also overhauled three bedrooms in the unit into more flexible spaces, so the couple could better accommodate their large family of children and grandchildren. They include a master bedroom, guest bedroom and a TV room.

該公司還對該單元中的三間臥室進行了大修,使其更加靈活,因此這對夫婦可以更好地容納他們的大家庭子女和孫子女。 包括主臥室,客臥和電視室。

In addition to Apartamento Apcine, other renovated apartments in São Paulo are VLP apartment by Pascali Semerdjian and Compact Apartment by Casa 100 Architecture.

A collection of larger, free-standing houses is also prominent in the city, such as a linear concrete residence with pilotis by Perkins+Will and Gama Issa by Studio MK27 and Box House by FCstudio.

除了Apartamento Apcine酒店外,聖保羅的其他翻新公寓還包括Pascali Semerdjian的VLP公寓和Casa 100 Architecture公寓的Compact Apartment公寓。

一系列較大的獨立式房屋在該市也很突出,例如Perkins + Will駕駛的線性混凝土住宅和Studio MK27的Gama Issa以及FCstudio的Box House。




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