Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center 大昌穆斯林文化中心

Located in Da-chang Hui Autonomous County, Langfang, Hebei province, the project is supposed by the local government to be an iconic design, introducing Dachang’s particular culture and enhancing the soft power of the city. The national palace is thus endowed with multiple functions, serving not only as the recreation center of the city but the essential cultural site for the introduction of local religion and history as well.

該項目位於河北省廊坊市大昌回族自治縣,是當地政府的標誌性設計,引入大廠特有的文化,增強了城市的軟實力。 因此,國家宮殿具有多種功能,不僅是城市的娛樂中心,也是引入當地宗教和歷史的重要文化場所。

Architects : Architectural Design & Research Institute of Scut
Location : Hebei, China
Year : 2015
Type : Cultural Center
Photographs : Yao Li


It has undoubtedly brought lots of challenges to the designer, because of the special ethnic composition, historical context, religious belief, complex functional requirements of the site and the setting of a cultural landmark.


This is a poetic sanctuary that shows people both the brilliant Islamic culture and our vision for a better life. This is also a homelike cultural center that provides a spiritual home for local residents, especially Muslims.

這是一個詩意的庇護所,向人們展示了輝煌的伊斯蘭文化和我們對美好生活的願景。 這也是一個溫馨的文化中心,為當地居民,特別是穆斯林提供精神家園。

Dachang County is a Muslim enclave near Beijing. To revive the Islamic culture and improve the quality of culture life, the local government developed Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center, a cultural complex integrating the functions of theater, exhibition, convention, and community center.
Based on a traditional mosque, the building subtly interprets the spatial structure of mosque with new materials and technologies.

大廠縣是北京附近的穆斯林飛地。 為了振興伊斯蘭文化,提高文化生活質量,當地政府開發了大昌穆斯林文化中心,這是一個融合了戲劇,展覽,會議和社區中心功能的文化綜合體。

The surrounding arches shrink into elegant curves from the bottom up, while the cambering petal-shaped arches of the reflection in the water look even more vivid and graceful.


The dome sees the translation and abstraction of Islamic symbols rather than simple mimicking. We constitute the dome with petaloid shells and creatively transform the interior space into a semi-exterior roof garden flooded with the sunshine, fresh air, and vegetation.

圓頂看到伊斯蘭符號的翻譯和抽象,而不是簡單的模仿。 我們用花瓣殼構成圓頂,並將室內空間創造性地變成一個充滿陽光,新鮮空氣和植被的半外部屋頂花園。


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