Edgeland House

In an increasingly generic and de-natured world, we are interested in producing architecture tuned to the specificity of a place. The Edgeland residence is commissioned by a science fiction writer enthralled with 21st century human habitation in the urban frontiers of abandoned industrial zones.

在一個日益普遍和變性的世界中,我們感興趣的是根據一個地方的特殊性來製作建築。 Edgeland的住所由一位科幻小說家委託,他在21世紀廢棄的工業區的城市邊界著迷於21世紀的人類居住。

Architects: Bercy Chen Studio
Location: Austin, United States
Category: Houses
Design Team: Thomas Bercy, Calvin Chen, Dan Loe, Ryan Michael, Brad Purrington, Agustina Rodriguez
Area: 0.0 ft2
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Paul Bardagjy
Manufacturers: C.R. Laurence, Sika, Recht Lighting, Rad Furniture, US LUMBER BROKERS, BEN BAKER, Häfele, Geo-Solutions, Agi Miagi, The Ecosystem Design Group, GUNTER RECHT

建築師:Bercy Chen Studio
設計團隊:Thomas Bercy,Calvin Chen,Dan Loe,Ryan Michael,Brad Purrington,Agustina Rodriguez
面積:0.0 ft2
照片:Paul Bardagjy
製造商:C.R。Laurence,Sika,Recht Lighting,Rad Furniture,US LUMBER BROKERS,BEN BAKER,Häfele,Geo-Solutions,Agi Miagi,The Ecosystem Design Group,GUNTER RECHT

Not unlike Col Charles Goodnight’s first dug out at the JA ranch in 19th century Texas, the design is inspired by the vernacular of the “pit house”, one of the oldest housing typology in North America used by Native Americans through the ages.

與Col Charles Goodnight在19世紀德克薩斯州的JA牧場上首次挖掘不同,這個設計的靈感來自於“坑屋”的白話,這是北美洲最古老的住宅類型之一,被美國原住民使用。

This brownfield reclaim project minimized disturbance to the site, as the previous excavations to remove an old Chevron pipeline left a scar on the bluff, the two new green roofed wings sheltering each other from the sun is an attempt to heal the land by restoring the slope and bring wildlife back.

這個棕色地帶回收項目最大限度地減少了對現場的干擾,因為以前的拆除舊雪佛龍管道的挖掘工作在懸崖上留下了疤痕,兩個新的綠色屋頂翅膀相互遮擋太陽,試圖通過恢復斜坡來修復土地 並帶回野生動物。

This approach addresses the climate of central Texas and utilize thermal capacity of earth to regulate temperature, while the linear courtyard down the center allows fresh air to flow between the bluff and the river below. The courtyard is a theater for observing migrating humming birds, monarch butterflies, even ant colonies…etc, heightening one’s awareness of nature in an urban setting.

這種方法解決了德克薩斯州中部的氣候問題,並利用地球的熱容來調節溫度,而沿著中心的線性庭院允許新鮮空氣在虛張聲勢和河流之間流動。 庭院是一個觀察遷徙鳥類,帝王蝶,甚至螞蟻殖民地等的劇院,在城市環境中提高了人們對自然的認識。



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