Courtyards Villa

Converting courtyard houses into limited apartments of urban blocks has forced city residents to take refuge in the countryside in order to escape from the daily difficulties of urban life. For a long time, the town villas of the Northern cities of Iran have created different life possibilities for urban fugitives. However, the growth of the luxurious stereotypes, on one hand, and municipalities regulations, on the other hand, courtyards have become decorative or even just a parking area, while these spaces could be the basis for the daily activities of the family along with nature.

將庭院房屋改造成城市街區的有限公寓,迫使城市居民在鄉村避難,以擺脫城市生活的日常困難。 長期以來,伊朗北部城市的城鎮別墅為城市逃犯創造了不同的生活可能性。 然而,一方面,豪華的刻板印象和市政法規的增長,庭院已經變得裝飾性甚至只是一個停車區,而這些空間可以成為家庭日常活動的基礎和自然。

Architects: Maena Architects
Location: Salman Shahr, Iran
Category: Houses
Lead Architects: Honey Arjomandi- Mohammad Mahdi Shabani
Design Team: Fereshteh Mazaheri
Area: 350.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Negar Yaghmaian – Pegah Abdolahian
Manufacturers: LG Electronics

建築師:Maena Architects
地點:伊朗Salman Shahr
首席建築師:Honey Arjomandi- Mohammad Mahdi Shabani
設計團隊:Fereshteh Mazaheri
照片:Negar Yaghmaian – Pegah Abdolahian

The main Challenge of this project was to shift this conventional trend of villas and, to maximize the use of land and existing nature by forming adjacent open and closed spaces of equal values. The main idea behind this project was the replacement of decorative courtyard pattern with the vibrant courtyards connected to the private and public zones of the house. Realizing this idea, the open spaces of the courtyards, as a fluid organism with integrated brickwork, have filled all the empty spaces and consequently changed living standards of the inhabitants.

該項目的主要挑戰是改變這種傳統的別墅趨勢,並通過形成相鄰的開放和封閉空間,最大限度地利用土地和現有的自然。 這個項目背後的主要思想是用連接到房屋私人和公共區域的充滿活力的庭院取代裝飾性庭院圖案。 實現這一理念,庭院的開放空間,作為一個集成磚砌體的流體有機體,填補了所有空白空間,從而改變了居民的生活水平。

This Strategy has led to the different interior and exterior layers of the open spaces. These spaces include the front yard, the middle yard, the interior yard, the backyard, and the up yard. Besides, the client’s preference was a direct view of the nearby park old tree from the main spaces which fulfilled by shifting the public space to the top floor and the North-South orientation of the plan.

該戰略導致了開放空間的不同內部和外部層。 這些空間包括前院,中院,內院,後院和上院。 此外,客戶的偏好是從主要空間直接觀察附近的公園老樹,通過將公共空間轉移到頂層和計劃的南北方向來實現。


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