Mülimatt Sport Education Center

The sports complex of Windisch-Mülimatt, Aargau, has been designed as one big bright room, with no attachments or secondary service units.All playing fields receive light from each building side and when the covers are lifted they have a dual external view. The carrying structure is strong and important, however the architectural richness of the building is given by the transparent or translucent elements.
The gymnastic halls is at the same level as the natural ground; a great view is seen throughout the landscape. The building structure is compact, the footprint is minimal, the height is limited.


The access to the gymnasium is made on the square side, the central point where pedestrians, bicycles and cars arrive.
The landscaping concerns only a wide and dense planting along both banks of the river.


The town of Brugg and the Swiss canton of Aargau decided to meet an urgent need for sports facilities in the area by building this centre for education and training. In 2005, a competition was held to create two sports halls for local educational institutions, as well as a footbridge across the River Aar to link the halls with the outdoor sporting amenities opposite. The two halls are housed within a large folded-plate structure consisting of precast concrete elements. This allowed the construction of a minimal outer skin as well as compliance with the “Minergie” standard. Access to the halls is via a joint foyer that extends along the entire 80-metre length of the north face. Situated to the rear at a higher level is a railway line from where the roof of the complex is visible. The architects therefore decided to treat the roof as a fifth facade, so that it forms a unity with the load-bearing precast concrete structure. Entirely free of internal columns, the folded shell spans the 55-metre-wide complex, creating a powerful sculptural effect.

布魯格鎮和瑞士阿爾高州決定通過建立這個教育和培訓中心來滿足該地區對體育設施的迫切需求。 2005年,舉辦了一場比賽,為當地教育機構創建了兩個體育館,以及橫跨阿爾河的人行天橋,將大廳與對面的戶外運動設施連接起來。兩個大廳位於由預製混凝土構件組成的大型折疊板結構內。這樣可以構建最小的外皮,並符合“Minergie”標準。通過一個沿著整個80米長的北面延伸的聯合門廳進入大廳。位於較高樓層後方的是一條鐵路線,從那裡可以看到建築群的屋頂。因此,建築師決定將屋頂視為第五個立面,以便與承重預製混凝土結構形成一個整體。折疊式外殼完全沒有內部立柱,橫跨55米寬的複合體,營造出強大的雕塑效果。



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