LM House

Architects: Elements Lab
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Category: Houses Interiors
Lead Architects: Mehdi Berrada
Area: 475.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Doublespace Photography
Manufacturers: Cassina Usa, Ikea, Ligne Roset, Minotti, Poliform

首席建築師:Mehdi Berrada
製造商:Cassina Usa,Ikea,Ligne Roset,Minotti,Poliform

Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, is a hyperactive and chaotic city of nearly 5 million inhabitants where cars are steadily replacing trees. When designing a home for my family, I had in mind the idea of a quiet place away from chaos, a fortress against the constant agitation of everyday life.

卡薩布蘭卡是摩洛哥的經濟首都,是一個人口過剩,混亂的城市,擁有近500萬居民,汽車正在逐步取代樹木。 在為我的家庭設計房屋時,我想到了一個遠離混亂的安靜地方的想法,這是一個反對不斷激動日常生活的堡壘。

Gradually, this idea was nourished by the image of the Riad, this typical Arab-Andalusian house modestly closed off from the public and open in its center on a planted patio. Source of light and fresh air, the patio is also a peaceful and luminous counterbalance of the narrow streets typical of the ancient Medinas.

漸漸地,這個想法得到了Riad的形象的滋養,這個典型的阿拉伯 – 安達盧西亞房子謙虛地從公眾中關閉,並在其中心的一個種植的露台上開放。 光線和新鮮空氣的來源,庭院也是古老的Medinas典型的狹窄街道的和平和明亮的平衡。

Located in the heart of Oasis, a residential neighborhood relatively close to the city center, the land plot that was to receive Villa LM did not allow for the architectural typology of a Riad; comprised notably of a dense, pedestrian urban fabric dating before the advent of the automobile.

位於Oasis的中心,一個相對靠近市中心的住宅區,接收Villa LM的土地不允許Riad的建築類型; 特別是在汽車問世之前,一個密集的行人都市面料。

It was then necessary to adapt the intimate essence of the Riad to a modern typology inherited from the French protectorate, namely a town house with a garden around the periphery: the exact opposite of the riad. Thus was born this house conceived as a protective bunker in the middle of a shield of greenery.

然後有必要將Riad的親密精髓改編為從法國保護區繼承的現代類型學,即一個周圍有花園的城鎮住宅:與里亞德完全相反。 因此誕生了這座房子,被設想為綠色盾牌中間的保護沙坑。


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