The Signal House

Architects: Fraher Architects
Location: London, United Kingdom
Category: Houses Interiors
Lead Architects: Joe Fraher, Lizzie Fraher
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Adam Scott
Manufacturers: Flos

建築師:Fraher Architects
首席建築師:Joe Fraher,Lizzie Fraher

This is the first project where Fraher Architects worked alongside their in-house construction company, Findlay Fraher. Together they delivered the project from inception to completion as a design-led, design and build service. Fraher Architects revisited every aspect of the existing building to propose the most efficient use of space whilst creating a strong sense of place within each of the floors. The client wished to fully refurbish the building, adding a lower ground floor and loft extension.

這是Fraher Architects與其內部建築公司Findlay Fraher合作的第一個項目。 他們一起將項目從開始到完成,作為設計主導,設計和構建服務。 Fraher Architects重新審視現有建築的各個方面,以提供最有效的空間利用,同時在每個樓層內營造出強烈的地方感。 客戶希望對建築進行全面翻新,增加地下一層和閣樓擴建。

The existing coal vaults were opened up and the existing floor was lowered to provide a submerged shower room and utility space to service the House. Every opportunity was made to maximize the internal spaces whilst minimizing encroachment onto the garden. Fraher Architects provided a full RIBA 1-7 Architectural service for this project.

現有的煤庫被打開,現有樓層被降下,以提供一個水下淋浴房和公用設施空間,為房屋服務。 每個機會都是為了最大化內部空間,同時盡量減少對花園的侵占。 Fraher Architects為該項目提供了完整的RIBA 1-7建築服務。


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