Spencer House

Spencer House at 27 St James’s Place is a mansion in St James’s, London, England, and is held from the owner (Earl Spencer) by Lord Rothschild on a long lease.

The house was commissioned by John, 1st Earl Spencer, in 1756, the Earl requiring a large townhouse to cement his position and status. The architect he chose was John Vardy who had studied under William Kent. Vardy is responsible for the facades of the mansion that we see today. The house is Grade I listed on the National Heritage List for England.

位於聖詹姆斯街27號的斯賓塞之家(Stncer House)位於英國倫敦聖詹姆斯(St James’s)的一座豪宅中,由羅斯柴爾德勳爵(Lord Rothschild)的所有者(Earl Spencer)長期租約。

這座房子由約翰,第一伯爵斯賓塞於1756年委託,伯爵需要一座大型聯排別墅來鞏固他的地位和地位。 他選擇的建築師是曾在William Kent學習的John Vardy。 瓦迪負責我們今天看到的豪宅外牆。 這座房子被列為英格蘭國家遺產名錄中的一級。

In 1758 James “Athenian” Stuart, who had studied the arcadian values of Ancient Greek architecture, replaced Vardy as the architect of the project; as a direct result of this Spencer House was to have authentic Greek details in the internal decoration, and thus it became one of the first examples in London of the neoclassical style, which was to sweep the country.

As the home of successive Earls and Countesses Spencer, the state rooms of the house became a theatre for the pageant that was London high society. The Spencer family lived at the mansion continuously until 1895, when the house was let. The Spencers returned for a brief while in the first quarter of the 20th century; then again the house was let, at various times as either a club or offices. During the Blitz of World War II it was stripped of its few remaining authentic treasures, specially made furniture, and fireplaces.

1758年詹姆斯“雅典人”斯圖爾特,他研究了古希臘建築的阿卡迪亞價值觀,取代了瓦迪作為該項目的建築師; 作為斯賓塞之家的直接結果是在內部裝飾中具有正宗的希臘細節,因此它成為倫敦新古典主義風格的第一個例子,這是掃蕩國家。

作為連續的Earls和Countesses Spencer的家,房子的國家房間成為倫敦上流社會的選美劇場。 斯賓塞家族一直住在豪宅里,直到1895年,當房子出租。 斯賓塞在20世紀的第一季度回歸了一段時間; 然後房子再次被允許,在不同的時間作為俱樂部或辦公室。 在第二次世界大戰的閃電戰期間,它被剝奪了少數剩餘的正宗珍品,特製家具和壁爐。

Present day
Spencer House remains in the ownership of The Earl Spencer, the current titleholder being Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, brother of Diana, Princess of Wales. However, since World War II, the house has been continuously let out. In 1948 it was leased to Christie’s auctioneers; in 1956 to the British Oxygen Company, and in 1963 to the Economist Intelligence Unit. In 1986, RIT Capital Partners, the family company of Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, secured a 96-year lease (with an additional 24-year option), and in a highly acclaimed restoration, returned the state rooms and garden to their original appearance. The lease of Spencer House is valued at £35 million in the 2017 RIT Capital Partners Plc annual report.

Together with Lancaster House, Bridgewater House, Dudley House and Apsley House, Spencer House is one of the last of the many aristocratic townhouses which once adorned central London.

Spencer House仍然歸Earl Spencer所有,目前的冠軍是Charles Spencer,第9位Earl Spencer,威爾士王妃戴安娜的兄弟。 然而,自第二次世界大戰以來,房子一直在不斷出租。 1948年,它出租給佳士得拍賣行; 1956年改為英國氧氣公司,並於1963年改為經濟學人智庫。 1986年,RIT Capital Partners,雅各布羅斯柴爾德家族公司,第四家Baron Rothschild,獲得了96年的租約(另外還有24年的選擇權),並且在備受讚譽的修復中,將州政府和花園恢復原狀。 出現。 2017年RIT Capital Partners Plc年度報告中Spencer House的租賃價值為3500萬英鎊。

Spencer House酒店與Lancaster House,Bridgewater House,Dudley House和Apsley House一起,是曾經裝飾過倫敦市中心的眾多貴族聯排別墅中的最後一座。


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