A Bridgehampton bungalow featuring a redwood forest planted by television personality Martha Stewart has been redesigned as a bohemian hideaway for summer beach seekers.

The boutique Hamptons hotel called A Room at the Beach opened in May, and is located less than three kilometres from the Atlantic in a popular New York holiday corridor.

Bridgehampton簡易別墅擁有由電視名人瑪莎·斯圖爾特(Martha Stewart)種植的紅木森林,經過重新設計,成為夏季海灘尋求者的波西米亞風情。

Hamptons精品酒店於5月開業,名為A Room at the Beach,距離大西洋不到3公里,位於紐約一個受歡迎的度假走廊。

Co-owners Charles Lemonides and Lucy Swift Weber designed the inn by revamping a 10-room cinder block structure with a storied history.

Through the early 1990s the building was the vacation home of American businesswoman and television personality Martha Stewart and daughter Alexis. They added two rows of towering redwoods on the 1.5-acre lot, which now form a signature trait of A Room at the Beach.

共同所有人Charles Lemonides和Lucy Swift Weber通過改造一個擁有傳奇歷史的10個房間的煤渣砌塊結構來設計這家旅店。

到20世紀90年代初,這座建築是美國女商人和電視名人Martha Stewart和女兒Alexis的度假屋。 他們在佔地1.5英畝的土地上增加了兩排高聳的紅杉,現在形成了海灘A Room的標誌性特徵。

“We saw the trees from the road and that’s what ultimately suckered us into the project,” Lemonides told Dezeen.

For a brief time A Room at the Beach was also owned by American fashion designer Donna Karan and her daughter Gabby Karan de Felice, who made modifications to the guest room bathrooms and built an outdoor pool.

The single-storey hotel still boasts the original bungalow roof and structural footprint, but almost every other element was touched by the first-time hoteliers.


短暫的時間A Room at the Beach也歸美國時裝設計師Donna Karan和她的女兒Gabby Karan de Felice所有,後者修改了客房浴室並建造了一個室外游泳池。


“Regulations in this area are super strict because we’re losing cornfields and gaining ugly ‘McMansions’, which is tragic,” said Weber.

“One of the things going for us was that we didn’t want to expand the footprint, which saved us a headache with building permits and all that.”



The bulk of updates by Lemonides and Weber were cosmetic, besides necessary plumbing upgrades and converting the laundry room into a dry sauna.

The duo also covered the bare cinder block facade with cedar wood, and built a wood patio that runs the length of the building.



Instead of partitioning the patio with each guest room, the space was kept fluid and “convivial” with Serena & Lily lounge furniture, antique bar sets and retro decor.

An original steel frame jutting from the roof will serve as a makeshift pergola with lanterns and budding vines.



“The idea there is to encourage guests to socialise, but each room also has access to a private courtyard in the back, which didn’t exist before,” Weber describes.


For the rear gardens, the couple worked with Charlie Marder, a Hamptons landscape architect who planted the Stewarts’ giant redwoods 30 years earlier.


Seven of the guestrooms are uniform at five-by-five metres – the typical size of a mid-century motel room – while others are slightly more capacious.

Bathrooms sit behind sliding wood partitions and feature tadelakt plaster tubs or bluestone slab showers that open to the rear courtyard.

其中七間客房的面積為五乘五米 – 這是中世紀汽車旅館客房的典型尺寸 – 而其他客房則略寬敞。


Weber’s airy design is both beach-breezy and nostalgic, with personal touches like hand-picked tsotchkes and a watercolour of coastal Ireland painted by her grandmother. For the hotel’s reception desk, Weber sourced the prop desk from Roger Sterling’s office in the television show Mad Men.

“We really tried to make everything as nice as we could because we’re fussy guests ourselves.”

Weber的通風設計既有沙灘通風,又有懷舊氣息,個人風格如手工採摘的tsotchkes和她的祖母畫的愛爾蘭沿海水彩畫。 對於酒店的接待處,Weber從電視節目Mad Men的Roger Sterling辦公室採購了道具桌。


A Room at the Beach is among a number of motels reborn as boutique accommodation. Others in New York include the Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, a 1960s motor lodge that was updated by Studio Tack.

海灘客房是眾多汽車旅館中的重新裝修精品住宿。 紐約的其他人包括Scribner’s Catskill Lodge,這是一個由Studio Tack更新的20世紀60年代汽車旅館。



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