A spiral staircase made of concrete rises through the centre of an open-plan office designed by architecture studio Hildebrand in Steinhausen, Switzerland.

Winding its way up the building’s four levels, the staircase ends with a large elliptical skylight that brings light into the centre of each floor.



Hildebrand designed the headquarters for Hapimag, a Swiss holiday company. As well as providing access, this stairway was designed to double as an informal gathering space for the office workers.

“The atrium and the sculptural ramp create open and playful spaces for meetings and communication, encouraging the informal exchange between all employees across hierarchical boundaries,” said the architecture studio.

Hildebrand為瑞士度假公司Hapimag設計了總部。 除了提供通道外,這個樓梯還可以作為辦公室工作人員的非正式聚會空間。


Hapimag’s headquarters has a simple plan with polished concrete columns supporting each floor, which have been left open to be as flexible as possible.

“The building offers flexibility which allows the company to fluidly adjust and adapt to future developments in the constantly changing world of office structures,” said the architecture studio.



Two larger concrete cores house stairs and lifts, and some smaller areas have been sectioned off from the open plan floors.


Timber frames with glazed walls create quiet meeting and workspaces that afford privacy without breaking up the open effect.


All other interior finishes have been left simple or exposed. For the ceilings, white timber slats cover the concrete floor plate above, and the concrete of the cores has also been left unfinished.

At ground floor level, a datum of wooden slats runs along the interior walls, and continues up the inside the the central concrete staircase.

所有其他室內裝飾都保持簡單或暴露。 對於天花板,白色木條板覆蓋上面的混凝土地板,並且核心的混凝土也未完成。


The entire building is wrapped in glass. At the centre of each floor plate a run of white timber planks provides sun-shading, protruding from the top to become a balustrade for a roof terrace created by the set-back top floor.

A flat concrete roof overhangs a smaller office space at the top floor. This provides an area of shade for the surrounding terrace, which overlooks a landscaped garden adjacent to the new building.

整個建築都用玻璃包裹。 在每個樓板的中央,一排白色木板提供遮陽,從頂部突出,成為由後座頂層創建的屋頂露台的欄杆。

一個扁平的混凝土屋頂懸在頂層較小的辦公空間。 這為周圍的露台提供了一片遮蔭區,俯瞰著新建築旁的園景花園。

Flexible, open-plan spaces are popular in contemporary in office layouts, with architects seeking new ways to create varying degrees of privacy for them.

In Copenhagen, Spacon & X designed workspaces with adaptable partitions, and Space Encounters’ designed an office in Utrecht where planted partitions give workers some privacy.


在哥本哈根,Spacon&X設計了具有適應性分區的工作空間,而Space Encounters在烏得勒支設計了一個辦公室,在那裡種植的隔斷為工人提供了一些隱私。

Project credits:

Client: Hapimag
General planner consortium: Hildebrand, Ghisleni Partner
Architecture: Hildebrand
Project leader: Pascal Ryser, Stefan Roovers, Marion Ott, Stephan Dietrich
Project team: Thomas Hildebrand, Daniel Sasama, Isabelle Schulz, Robin Bollschweiler, Dominik Keller, Nora Klinger, Yuichi Kodai, Claudia Maggi, Mikel Martínez Múgica, Kosaku Matsumoto, Michael Stünzi, Geng Tian, Simon Würgler
Construction management: Ghisleni Partner
Civil engineer: Ferrari Gartmann
Electric engineer: Hefti Hess Martignoni
HVAC engineer: Hans Abicht
Acoustics and building physics: Gartenmann Engineering
Fire protection planners: Hefti Hess Martignoni, Braun Brandsicherheit
Facade planning: Reba Fassadentechnik


項目負責人:Pascal Ryser,Stefan Roovers,Marion Ott,Stephan Dietrich
項目組:Thomas Hildebrand,Daniel Sasama,Isabelle Schulz,Robin Bollschweiler,Dominik Keller,Nora Klinger,Yuichi Kodai,Claudia Maggi,MikelMartínezMúgica,Kosaku Matsumoto,MichaelStünzi,Geng Tian,SimonWürgler
電氣工程師:Hefti Hess Martignoni
暖通空調工程師:Hans Abicht
聲學和建築物理學:Gartenmann Engineering
消防規劃師:Hefti Hess Martignoni,Braun Brandsicherheit
門面規劃:Reba Fassadentechnik



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