San Francisco Museum 舊金山博物館

The 235,000-square-foot (21,832 square metres) addition sits behind the institution’s Postmodern Mario Botta-designed home and will more than double the museum’s footprint.

這座面積為235,000平方英尺(21,832平方米)的建築位於該機構後現代Mario Botta設計的住宅後面,將使博物館的足跡增加一倍以上。

The new building’s distinctive facade is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels punctuated by horizontal band windows. Its form contrasts with Botta’s patterned masonry and regular geometries.

新建築的獨特外觀由玻璃纖維增強聚合物板製成,並由水平帶窗口點綴。 它的形狀與Botta的圖案磚石和常規幾何形狀形成鮮明對比。

“It’s like having a dance partner,” Snøhetta founder Craig Dykers told . “You don’t want to be exactly like them, as you’ll step on each other’s feet all the time. A good dance partner is someone who has their own personality and can move freely together with you.”

“這就像擁有一個舞伴,”Snøhetta創始人Craig Dykers說道。 “你不想完全像他們一樣,因為你會一直踩到對方的腳。一個好的舞伴是一個有自己個性並可以和你一起自由行動的人。”

The rippled surface of the panels was inspired by San Francisco’s foggy weather and surrounding waters, according to the architects.


The 10-storey museum building includes events spaces, a flexible theatre, education and conservation centres, a library and archives, administrative offices, and 100,000-square-feet (9,290 square metres) of galleries distributed over five floors in the middle of the building.


The free admission, glass-fronted ground floor gallery will open with a presentation of monumental sculptures by Richard Serra.

免費入場,玻璃幕牆地面畫廊將展出Richard Serra的紀念性雕塑。

The facility will also include an outdoor sculpture garden with a living wall with 16,000 plants, including many native species.

In 2013, the architects revealed the design for a monumental staircase that will link the Botta building with the new addition.




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